October 20, 2023 at 11:47 am

‘This teacher was treating grown working people like unruly school children.’ This Person’s Dad Used A Teacher’s Silly Cheating Rule Against Them To Ace A Test

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

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How to use a strict teacher’s two-strike rule to ace a test.

“Some years ago (by which I mean two or so decades, roughly) my dad was at a several-day course to earn some additional qualifications for his job.

On the final day, there was going to be a multiple choice test to actually pass the seminar. On test day, everyone got settled into place, and the teacher announced that he would not go easy on cheaters: You had one strike to be caught trying to copy off of someone else or use a cheat sheet, but if you were caught a second time, you would be immediately thrown out and your score made invalid.

Now, this teacher was treating grown working people like unruly schoolchildren and very old-school strict. My dad does not like that very much.

So my dad proceeds to take the test, and it goes pretty well! When he’s through with the questions, there is just one left where he’s not sure he’s got it right.

And he has a free strike, after all.

So my dad… yells out into the class. Just calls out, “what’s the answer to question 14?”. Some complete bro elsewhere in the room yells the answer back. My dad fills in the sheet, gets up, walks to the teacher’s desk, presumably tries to not trip on the teacher’s jaw as it lies on the floor, hands in his test, and leaves the room.

To the teacher’s credit, he approached my dad afterwards with some… begrudging respect. I don’t know if he changed his policy afterwards, or the tone in which he conveyed it.”

Now let’s see how people reacted.

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It is wild that any teacher wouldn’t see how somebody could obviously game this system.

Good for this dad! He got the better of him this time.