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Sister-In-Law Is Jealous That Another Mother Got The Gender She Wanted, And Now Doesn’t Want To Come To A Baby Shower

by Matthew Gilligan

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AITA for telling my husband’s cousin she shouldn’t have thrown a gender reveal party?

“Both me (29F) and my husband’s cousin Lena (fake name; 27F) are pregnant. I’m due in late May, while she’s due in August.

My baby will be my second child (I have a three year old son), and hers is her first.

Lena and I aren’t particularly close (and to be honest, I’m not fond of her), but since we’re both pregnant, we’ve been talking more often than usual.

It was during those conversations that she expressed wanting a baby girl. She specifically said she couldn’t see herself raising a boy.

Last month, Lena hosted a gender reveal party, and found out she’s having a son.

There’s a problem…

She was visibly disappointed after finding out the gender of her baby.

She threw on a fake smile during the actual reveal, but didn’t keep it up for long. For the rest of the party, Lena remained frustrated, and was cold and short with everyone who tried to congratulate her.

I don’t know if Lena told anyone else that she wanted a girl, but her disappointment has gotten pretty obvious.

Since her party, she’s been less excited about her pregnancy.

We’ve been speaking less, because she doesn’t even want to talk about her baby anymore.

Her sadness has earned her some sympathy and support from my in-laws.

My baby shower will take place this weekend. I’m having a girl, but my husband and I decided to wait until birth to reveal that. As such, none of my in-laws have been informed.

Say what?!?!

A couple days ago, Lena called to ask about my baby’s gender. She said that if I’m expecting a girl, she won’t come to the baby shower.

When I asked why, she said she’s still “mourning her daughter”, and doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s not having a girl.

She also said that since she’d shared her reveal with the family, it was only fair I told her.

I reminded her we weren’t telling anyone until birth, but told her she was welcome to avoid the shower if she wasn’t comfortable attending.

Lena continued to pressure me to tell her, but I stood my ground.

After some back and forth, she told me I was being inconsiderate, as I knew how devastated she’d been.

She said she deserved to know if I was about to “rub my happiness in her face.”

Good lord!

That’s when I ran out of patience.

I told Lena that if having a boy was that awful to her, she shouldn’t have thrown herself a gender reveal in the first place.

I said that she could stop celebrating her pregnancy if she wanted to, but she can’t dictate what I do about mine.

Lena is furious. She told my in-laws that I was kicking her out of my baby shower.

I told everyone the truth, but many are still on her side. They’re saying that it’s rude of me to dismiss Lena’s pain, and that I should be more graceful towards her.

My husband is completely on my side, as is my brother-in-law.

As much as I don’t think I was wrong to stand my ground, I do recognize that her feelings towards her baby are none of my business.

I was both frustrated and exhausted at the time, and I know I would have reacted differently otherwise.


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I agree she should be over it by now.

A moment’s disappointment shouldn’t overshadow your entire pregnancy.

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