October 1, 2023 at 10:37 am

‘Full time state job and I’m homeless.’ Employee For The State Was Told She Has To Work From Home, But She’s Currently Can’t Afford A Home

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

This homeless mom has raised awareness of what it’s like to be asked to work from home without a home.

In a heartbreaking video, the young mom, who says she’s worked in a state job for six months, almost broke down in tears.

She said her boss had told her she could work from home one day a week after six months.

But of course, this was a major problem for her….

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

Because she has no home to work from.

The woman asked her boss did she have to work from home, was it a “requirement,” because “I don’t have a home.”

“I don’t have a place to work from, I can work in the office,” she told her followers.

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

The state worker added: “How ****** up is that that’s what we all have to deal with right now.”

She said she’d been working in a full-time state job for six months, with benefits, and yet she was still homeless.

Rent was just too high to even get started and provide a safe haven for her family.

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

“And I don’t believe enough people understand the gravity of the situation. I don’t think people realize where we’re at as a country,” she said.

Almost in tears – she continued to say there’s no reason someone who works full-time for the state shouldn’t have a home in that state.

This video really hurts. How can it not.

Watch the full video here:


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And here’s what people had to say:

Some are really thankful she’s shining a light on this…

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

And others are pointing out how inflation is ruining everything…

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

And she answers a question about why this isn’t enough…

Source: TikTok/@cherrycherry.strawberry

It’s tough out there, fam.