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Her Future Sister-In-Law Wants Her To Wear A Certain Dress For Her Wedding. Turns Out It’s Because She Doesn’t Want To Be Outshined.

by Abby Jamison

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Weddings can bring out the best and worst in all of us.

But what would you do if someone told you what to wear as a wedding guest?

That’s exactly what happened with this person and her future sister-in-law – and the reason why caused a huge family fight.

Let’s get into it…

AITA for not wanting to follow my SIL’s rules for her wedding and saying her insecurities aren’t my fault?

“My (f27) brother (m34) and his fiancee (f31) are getting married soon. My husband and I got our invitation, all fine.

However, this is the problem I am having with them.

I’m not a bridesmaid/ in the bridal party because I have a baby and as she’s very young (four months now) and I was either pregnant/ with a newborn during most of the wedding planning it was for the best.

So I’m just a regular guest as everyone else right?

Well, my brother and his fiancee came over a few days after they sent the invitations because they wanted to talk to me.

My FSIL basically told me she has gotten a dress for me and she’ll love for me to wear it for their wedding. I was kind of like “Okay, thanks…? But why?” You know?

Something fishy is going on here.

At first she didn’t want to tell me why they’ve chosen a dress for me but finally she told me that I tend to “draw too much attention to me”.

Last year our other brother got married and my FSIL thinks that she doesn’t want to risk having me show up similarly to their wedding.

Btw, I wasn’t wearing an inappropriate dress or white, anything like that, I was wearing a normal formal dress.

I was very confused by this and I asked what she meant, because as I said I know how to dress up for a wedding.

I reassured her she shouldn’t worry about being “outshined” because for starters it’s her wedding day and everyone will be paying attention to the bride and groom.

And secondly, I won’t wear an inappropriate dress with like too much cleavage or something (her family is rather conservative, so I thought maybe she was more “scared” of her family’s reactions”).

We discussed this for a while and she told me that the problem is my weight, she’s a little overweight and I’m not (always had problems gaining weight, even while pregnant) so she feels insecure and that’s why she wants me to wear a dress that would cover me completely.

They’ve got to the root of the problem…

This is where I think I might be the jerk, I told her that her insecurities were not my problem and that it was weird to ask me to wear a certain dress just because I’m skinnier than her.

She told me that she knew I’d have this reaction because supposedly I always want to be the focus of attention.

She also said that my life has always been easier and it’s not fair that I want to “steal” her wedding day as well.

I asked her if she was doing this with every other woman who was skinnier attending the wedding and she said no, so I told her that’s a shitty move.

We argued and then my husband and brother got in between us too so they argued as well and finally we kicked them out.

Things are heating up…

But not before I told them to enjoy their day because I wasn’t attending the wedding, for which they accused me of being a drama queen and wanting to embarrass them by not going.

Well, I’m more calm this and this has caused quite a fight in our family as well.

I admit that I was so tired and stressed that day because my baby had been sick all the prior day/ night.

So idk, do you think I exaggerated here? Or were they truly rude to ask me something like this?”

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While usually the bride is always right, that’s definitely not the case here.

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