October 5, 2023 at 1:47 am

‘It happened with six items today when I was checking out.’ Woman Claims Walmart Is Scamming People By Luring Customers In With Prices That Are Much Higher Than They Claim Online

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

This TikTok chef claims Walmart are jacking some prices up in store, compared to online and even according to some aisle labels!

@brennasbakery told her followers how she’d seen Wilton chocolates online at $2.62, and when she got to the store, they were listed for that price in the aisle.

However, when she went to the checkout, they rang up as $4 each.

While it could be a case that prices hadn’t been adjusted yet on the till, the TikToker was convinced she’d found a scam!

Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

“I was just at Walmart,” she told her followers.  “I ran there to get a few things for a cake. Online I searched Wilton chocolates. They were $2.62. I went to the store and they were in the aisle at $2.62. I went to ring them up and they were ringing up for $4 each.

“It kind of alarmed me, so I went to the cashier and said ‘Hey, these are a lot more expensive than they are online and also they were listed in the aisle as the accurate price.’ She rang them up and she price suggested them down.  I then proceeded to watch her ring up the rest of my stuff and there were another five things that were ringing up higher than they were online and in the store.

Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

She continued, “I understand inflation is making a lot of prices go up but if the price is also indicating something online and you can buy it for that price online and it’s at price in the aisle, they’re scamming you. They’re purposefully marking up prices, they’re not telling you because most people are not gonna check that when they’re checking out.”

Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

And here’s a warning… “Be sure to check all of your items when you’re checking out and if it’s not the same price, go tell the cashier.  They’ll put it at the right price. But I’m honestly legitimately disgusted because it happened with six items today when I was checking out.  They’re jacking up their prices and it’s not aligned with inflation.”

Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery


Watch the full clip here:


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Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

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Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

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Source: TikTok/@brennasbakery

So… what’s the verdict here?

We’re not very likely to trust Walmart…