October 23, 2023 at 3:56 pm

‘When I want a Whopper, I want it now.’ Check Out This 1993 News Report That Shows People Talking About Burger King Accepting Credit Cards

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@noesox

It’s time to take a trip down Memory Lane, my friends!

All the way back to a magical time known as the year 1993.

A TikTok video that went viral in a big way showed viewers a news story from Baltimore, Maryland about how customers reacted when Burger King started accepting credit cards in 1993.

And it is quite entertaining!

Source: TikTok/@noesox

The voiceover in the news story said, “The home of the Whopper is offering cash or credit.”

One of the customers told the reporter she thinks it’s not good to use a credit card for an amount like $3.10 and another person said that his GM credit card offers a 5% rebate and he added, “If I eat here long enough, I’ll be able to buy a pickup truck.”

Source: TikTok/@noesox

The reporter said, “Burger King bosses say workers won’t have to figure out how much change the customer gets back.”

And one customer was worried about how the process would take too much time and added, “Because when I want a Whopper, I want it now,” he says.

My, how times have changed…

Source: TikTok/@noesox

Take a look at this vintage video.


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Here’s what people had to say.

One person is clearly living in the future.

Source: TikTok/@noesox

Another person got a kick out of this video.

Source: TikTok/@noesox

And one TikTokker had a mind-blowing experience recently.

Source: TikTok/@noesox

I wonder if the whole credit card thing really took off…

Time will tell…