October 30, 2023 at 1:37 pm

‘What does my hair smell like?’ Woman Receives A Smelly Surprise After A Bar’s Bathroom Ceiling Collapses On Her

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

This young woman really didn’t expect her hair to literally smell of poop on her night out but that’s exactly what she claims happened.

The TikTocker shared her disgusting experience, saying the bathroom ceiling at a bar she was in, collapsed and she was left rather smelly, as a result.

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

Yeah, this looks bad.

She said: “I was not allowed to talk to a manager… help!”

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13


It’s a real shame because she looked so pretty in her lilac top. But her hair looks pretty wet.

She even showed how wet it was on the floor.

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

That’s a lot of water!

And then she films a segment dancing with friends… when they tell her she smells.

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

She asked them: “What does my hair smell like?”

One friend responds: “Straight up do do.”

While another responds: “It smells like ****.”

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

That’s not the type of fragrance a young woman on a night out, wants!

Watch the full clip here:


No way i can just get knocked out by the ceiling and literally every worker “doesn’t know what i should do”????

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Here’s what folks thought of this pungent party night:

Now, that’s just mean!

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

I’m with this woman.

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

Well, she did probably need a drink after that!

Source: TikTok/@graciewm13

Poor gal!

I hope she got to talk to that manager!