November 8, 2023 at 6:28 pm

‘Apparently his girlfriend was very uncomfortable.’ Guy Changed Into A Speedo After Being Called Out For Wearing Underwear In A Pool

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@lime517

If you don’t like it, just keep your mouth shut and don’t look at it!

Those are the words of wisdom that the woman in this story should have kept in mind, but you know how some people can be.

It all started when the guy who wrote this story on Reddit was hanging out with an old friend from college.

So I wore the “wrong” type of underwear in the pool.

“I (24M) hosted a friend from college (also 24M) that I haven’t seen since before the pandemic. Shortly after he arrives we head to a local bar and grill in our neighborhood.

We decided to do the 15-20 minute walk instead of drive so we didn’t have to worry about leaving the car. I was joined by my roommate (25M and also a good friend) and his new(ish) girlfriend (22F), who I don’t know that well but I have always had friendly encounters with when we have hung out.

And then it was time to hit a pool!

Hey, it was hot outside!

At the bar drinks flowed freely and my friend seemed to really hit it off with our crew. We stayed longer than expected and it was fully dark and we were well buzzed by the time we decided to walk home. It was still hot outside when we got to the apartment complex so my roommate suggested that we hit the community pool.

The pool and hot tub were technically closed for the night but it isn’t too close to any of the units and generally no one cares if you are responsible and don’t break glass bottles or anything like that. After debating whether to head back to our place to change first my roommate insisted that “we’re all friends here” and that we could all just go in the pool in our underwear.

Everyone agreed on this although my roommate’s girlfriend announced “you guys have fun with that” and proceeded to lounge next to the pool on one of the deck chairs and scroll Instagram.

So the fellas stripped down to their skivvies and got in the pool.

We strip down and hop in the pool and are having a pretty good time just messing around. After some time had passed my roommate was chatting with his girlfriend and then quietly approached me afterwards.

Apparently his girlfriend was very uncomfortable with me wearing just briefs in the pool (both my roommate and my friend were wearing boxer briefs) and she wanted me to go all the way back to the apartment and change into a swimsuit.

He wasn’t sure how to handle the situation but then he got an idea…

I initially protested and said it was his idea in the first place and how everyone was in their underwear (and none of us cared) and what’s the difference, it’s not like my underwear was white/see through or anything like that. My roommate asked me to go change for him as a favor so that it didn’t “turn into an issue” between him and her. I was mad but decided to let it go for the time being.

When I got back to the apartment an idea popped into my head when it occurred to me that I still had a swimsuit from when I used to swim on the club team in college, so I put on my speedo and head back out armed with another 6 pack for the boys in only a t-shirt, towel wrapped around my waste, and flip flops.

And she was in for a big surprise that she definitely was not happy about!

I get back to the pool, announced I had changed into my swimsuit (as requested!), drop the towel and ditch the T, and launch into a wicked cannonball into the pool.

I can see a wry smile on my roommate’s face but nothing else was said about my choice of attire.

We go on in the pool and a few minutes later she announces that she’s tired and is going to bed.

We stay out late including more beers and laughs in the hot tub while the girlfriend was asleep at our place.”

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Some people, I tell ya…

They need to be hit upside the head with common sense!