November 28, 2023 at 12:54 am

Customer Demands That A Woman Who Doesn’t Work At The Store To Get Fired. The Manager Hilarious Complies.

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

I would wager that most people enjoy having a laugh now and again, even if it sometimes comes at the expense of someone who deserves it.

OP is a regular at a small shop and enjoys chatting with the owner as she browses.

It’s a small store and employees don’t wear uniforms, just nametags, so when a customer mistook OP for an employee, she wasn’t shocked.

So I was shopping in my city and went into a “small business” store there, that I like to get my dice and tabletop games at. I frequent this store pretty often and have become acquainted with the owner.

We chat during my visits and as I am one of those “I put the items back on the shelve after I am done looking at them” type of person, it is understandable that this lady might have confused me with an employee.

Quick info, the owner only has one employee, who wasn’t in that day, and the store isn’t too big, easily managable for one person alone, no uniform, just nametags.

She was surprised when the woman called over the manager and demand OP be fired for not knowing the answer to a question, though.

Following conversation ensues.

Lady: I am looking for “game” (don’t remember exactly)

Me: Don’t think they have it here, but- (Lady cuts me off)

Lady: Then where can I get it?!

Me: Sorry, I don’t know but-


Owner: (joins us due to the commotion) Sorry, is there a problem?

Lady: Are you the manager?! Your employee here refuses to tell me where I can find “game”. You should fire them!

The owner played along, hiring and firing OP to make the customer happy.

Owner: (Looks at me, smirks, best customer care voice) OP, you are hired.

Lady: (confused)

Me: (Catching on) Oh, cool thanks.

Owner: You refused to help this lady?

Me: Sure did.

Owner: You’re fired.

Me: Ah, dang…

Owner: (to the Lady) Now what did you need again?

The customer was mostly huffy, but oh well.

Never seen someone look that much like a fish and than huff and puff out of a store.Honestly one of the best encounters of my life.

Reddit is going to eat this up!

They did really love it.

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That customer really escalated things quickly.

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This suggestion would work, too.

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Not with that attitude.

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Seriously, why is this a thing?

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You’ve gotta have a sense of humor.

Too tough to get through the days otherwise.