November 16, 2023 at 8:36 am

Diner Employee Started Giving Away Free Coffee After Their Manager Insulted Them In Front Of A Customer

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/therazkazi

This kind of stuff drives me up the wall.

I’m talking about when you see a boss or manager yell at their employees in front of customers and humiliate them.

Not cool!

And a diner employee had quite a story to tell on Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page.

Yell at me in front of a customer? Fine. Everyone gets 18oz of free coffee.

“I used to work at a diner on the weekends. To-go coffees are served in styrofoam cups and only come in one size (12 oz).

A trucker came in for breakfast and he asked for a “big coffee” to go. Again, they only come in one size. So I sold him a 12-oz coffee and gave him his cup.

Usually we leave space in case people want to add cream, but I filled his up all the way. Then my manager pulls me aside in front of him and reprimands me for not giving him a “big coffee” like he asked for.

All while he’s nodding and smiling.

Their boss directed them to do something they’d never done at work before.

When I asked her what she would like me to do because we only have coffee cups in one size, she tells me I should have known that I was supposed to use a styrofoam soft drink cup instead.

Those cups are 30 oz. In my entire time working there, we have never done that.

This worker was NOT happy with how they were treated.

There is no option in the register to charge someone for a 30 oz coffee. But the customer was upset, so she made up a nonexistent rule on the spot and belittled me to make him happy.

She threw me under the bus.

You’d be surprised how many customers ask for “big,” “large,” “jumbo,” “huge,” “enough to fill a 10-gallon” coffees everyday. It’s usually a joke followed by some comment about them being tired.

They aren’t really asking about coffee cup size. They’re just trying to make conversation and use silly words.

So they maliciously complied and taught the boss a lesson!

So for the next several months I proceeded to give every single person who made a comment about coffee size a 30 oz coffee and charge them for a 12 oz.

That coffee maker was constantly going. I mean constantly.

We were going through bags of coffee like crazy… Almost as if we were selling nearly three times as much without making more profit from it.”

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