November 30, 2023 at 1:22 pm

Florida Business Insists On Calling The Cops Over Bathroom Policy. It Ends Up Costing Them A Ton Of Overtime.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Colt_kun

This is just my humble opinion, but these bathroom laws seem pretty dumb and it seems like they caused more problems for no reason.

I’m looking at you, Florida…

And that’s where this story from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page takes place!

The person who wrote it started by saying that they are nonbinary.

Gonna call the cops over a toilet? Sure. Enjoy signing off that OT.

“So Florida passed the stupid bathroom law, saying people must use the “correct” bathroom as listed on their birth certificate.

I’m nonbinary – had some medical issues when I was young that were ignored by doctors and resulted in my reproductive organs and some intestine being removed. Then I paid to remove more stuff bc why not? Eliminate a cancer threat.

But I’m not on HRT – just generally very androgynous looking now. I don’t really care what pronouns people use for me, and my wife switches based on which is funniest at the moment.

The folks at the workplace were taking this seriously.

At work they told us they were enforcing the law strictly and staff wouldn’t just be disciplined – they’d get the police called on them.

Note: There is one gender neutral bathroom in our building – in the admin offices. You have to be buzzed in. Once they leave the office, you have to call a facilities person to let you in and security has to watch you. They’re very big on enforcing a status around here.

Someone snitched on them.

I got reported for using the “wrong” restroom, despite that it does conform with the gender on my birth certificate. (I don’t really mind which restroom I use, and in the past used whatever was available bc I have IBS and use the bathroom frequently due to aforementioned surgery.)

This just goes to show how messed up this law is and how it’s going to discriminate entirely on appearance. I was told I was reported, and I pointed out I was following the law. Didn’t get in any trouble. But they said well I need to be mindful of what others “perceive”.

It was time for some malicious compliance.

Cue my compliance.

I have exclusively started using the admin restroom, wasting multiple people’s times. I press the buzzer, and make someone let me in. I have already lodged a complaint about the time it took someone to answer, and how withholding access to a bathroom could be an OSHA violation.

I make sure to go after admin hours so security and facilities have to come up and report it, and I plan to complain any time I wait more than five minutes for them to arrive.

When we close and I’m on the floor, I say that I can’t check and clear any off the restrooms so the manager on duty has to and find another person and stop their closing duties to do the other because I helpfully remind them they can’t check both or we have to call the police on them.

Their co-workers were on board with them.

Many of my coworkers are enjoying this, and are supportive and doing the same at close. It helps that we are now getting 15 minute overtime due to closing (our clock rounds to the nearest 15, and it applies to everyone in the building so ~20 people worth of overtime a day. It adds up).

And the company managers finally started to come around…

After confronting me on why I’m using their bathroom, a member of admin said that they’re now looking into how they can change our existing bathrooms to be gender neutral. I said great, but I’m still going to use this one until then. Some other coworkers have said they’re going to do the same.

Still a stupid law, but with enough annoyance I may be able to at least change our district.”

Here’s how people reacted on Reddit.

This person said they need to get the ADA involved.

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Seems like that law is more trouble than it’s worth.

And that’s an understatement!