November 12, 2023 at 7:16 am

Girl Ditches Her Family At The Airport Knowing They Expected Her To Be The Unpaid Nanny

by Trisha Leigh

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As someone who regularly trolls Reddit, it has been surprising to me how many people think they’re allowed to pawn their kids off on unsuspecting family – especially teenagers.

OP is graduating from high school. One of her big complaints about living at home is that her older sister comes to visit for long stretches and expects her to babysit for free the entire time.

I (F17) still live at home. My sister (28) is married and has two kids (5/3).

Whenever she comes over to visit my parents and her stick me with the kids.

This wouldn’t be a problem except she doesn’t visit for an evening. She will come for a week. And for that week I’m an unpaid nanny.

If we go out to a restaurant I have to entertain them because my mom needs to talk to my sister and BIL.

You get the picture.

When her parents told her they were taking her to Disney for her graduation gift, OP verified it was to be just the three of them.

My parents decided that since this was my last summer before I became an adult we would be going to Disneyland to celebrate my graduation.

I asked who was going and they said it was just the three of us.

She probably didn’t totally believe them – which is why, when her sister and her family showed up at the airport, OP had a plan.

But when we got to the airport my sister and her family were there. Strangely enough they were also going to Disneyland.

I went into my backpack and grabbed my passport. I put it in my sock.

She pretended to lose her passport, resulting in her getting to stay home alone for an entire week.

When we got to the international security I couldn’t find it. We looked everywhere. I had to Uber home and I missed my flight. Oh well. I get to stay home by myself for a week of peace and quiet.

My parents were very mad at me for losing my passport. The money they spent on my flight and entrance was wasted. Darn.

Her mom and sister were mad they had the kids the whole time, and her dad claimed to understand but still wished he hadn’t wasted all that money.

My mom and sister have both been posting about how hard it is to be at Disneyland with two little ones. They both posted that I ruined the vacation by being so thoughtless.

My dad says he knows why I did and he understands. But he says I should have let him know so he didn’t waste money. He said he would have gone along with my ruse.

I feel bad about wasting money but I have been to Disneyland before. And I will go again later by myself or with friends.

OP is on the fence about whether or not that part was wrong, so she’s asking Reddit.

The top comment says they would have called them out publicly.

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This person says they kind of told on themselves.

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They’re not letting her dad off the hook, either.

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And this commenter agrees that he’s just as culpable.

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No one thinks she should feel guilty about the money, either.

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I can’t believe people would just lie to their kid like this.

For the sole purpose of taking advantage of her, too. Gross.