November 13, 2023 at 6:22 am

‘He literally called me like 20 times.’ Woman Takes Expensive Present Back After Boyfriend Lets His Friends Insult Her

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Everyone has a past. Some might involve more people than others, and when we meet and become involved with someone new, it’s up to both parties whether or not they’re able to accept what came before them.

OP had an unfortunate experience where she ended up dating best friends. She broke it off because it was awkward.

When I was 18, I was involved with Jake, a guy who I met online. We ended things after 3 months, and I moved on shortly after with Adam, a guy from work.

I found out a couple months later that Jake and Adam were actually really close friends but I didn’t know Jake long enough to meet his friend group, so I had no idea.

When she met her current boyfriend she told him about it and he didn’t seem too bothered.

After finding out, I took some time off dating and two years later, I met my current boyfriend Mike.

I was upfront and honest with Mike about my past and the fact that I was unintentionally involved with friends. He said he understood and my past didn’t bother him.

When his birthday was coming up she bought him a PS5 because she knew he really wanted one, and they were both excited for him to open it at the party.

I F(26) dipped into my savings and got Mike, my boyfriend (27) a PS5 for his birthday yesterday.

He knew he was getting the PS5 because he told me that the PS5 is the only thing he wants. We’ve been together for 4 years so the cost didn’t matter. That is until, I found out what he thinks about me.

Last night at his party, I showed up with the PS5 and him and his friends were screaming with joy.

Then one of his female friends made a comment about OP being a “thot.” She asked her boyfriend about it and he told her she needed to be able to take a joke.

His best female friend Jessica laughed and said “I wish I was a thot so I could afford a PS5 too.”

I looked at her with an “excuse me?” Look on my face and she just said “nevermind” and walked away.

I confronted my boyfriend about it and he said and I quote “she’s just messing with you. You can’t take a joke?”

When she pressed, he admitted he’d told everyone about her “colorful” past but said it didn’t matter to him because they were together now.

So I pushed further as to why this girl is even calling me names to begin with and he said “well, everyone knows you were a thot before you met me.”

I asked him to explain how I was a thot before him and he said “you know…messing with best friends?”

He then pat me on the shoulder and said that it’s okay because I’m not who I was back then and if he could get over my “colourful past” and “thot mentalities” to give me a chance, then I could get over Jessica’s comments and give her another chance.

She took the PS5 and left, returning it straight back to the store.

I didn’t say anything. I just got up. Took the PS5 from the gift table and left.

He was very angry. He literally called me like 20 times, but I didn’t care.

I was so hurt that I took the bow off and took it straight back to the store I got it from.

They happily refunded it.

Now he and his friends are blowing up her phone and OP is wondering if she went too far.

I thought that was done but Mike and all his friends including Jessica are berating me for being petty and they’re all saying I brought this on myself by making poor choices.

I responded to Mike and told him that he deserves better than me so find someone who wasn’t a “thot” and get the PS5 from them because I returned it.

He started screaming how I’m “the biggest AH” for returning it and how I should be happy he ignored my “colourful past.”

I’m thinking maybe taking it back went too far.


Did she, though? Reddit has thoughts!

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They are happy OP values herself and has a good head on her shoulders.

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I have to agree with these ladies on all fronts.

It’s refreshing to read about a young woman who knows exactly when to wave goodbye.