November 26, 2023 at 11:35 am

Her Neighbor Is Building A New Fence On Their Shared Property Line But She Can’t Help Pay For It

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

I can’t wait to read the comments from readers about this one!

Because if there’s anything that gets homeowners really fired up, it’s property lines!

And a woman named Katie posted a video on TikTok and talked about the dilemma she’s currently dealing with in regard to her neighbor and a new fence.

Katie’s video shows what’s going on in her backyard neighbor’s yard that touches her property and it looks like these fellas are busy workin’!

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

Katie said that her neighbors are getting rid of their old fence and building a new one and added that she’s not sure whether she should be or wants to chip in for the project.

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

Katie said, “I feel like an ******* because I know you’re supposed to like offer to pay for half of your neighbor’s fence if it gets put down but I’m poor and I don’t have the money.”

That’s quite a conundrum!

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

Check out her video.


Either im getting a new fence or a pool! #home #homeowner #fence #pool #backyard #tulsa

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Let’s see what people had to say about this.

This person thinks this is BIZARRE.

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

Another individual said she’s not responsible for this unless an agreement was made.

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

And one TikTokker can’t believe the neighbors didn’t tell her about this.

Source: TikTok/katherinevharris

I wonder how this all turned out.

You’ll have to check her TikTok page to see if she posted any updates!