November 29, 2023 at 6:33 pm

His Mother-In-Law Tried To Turn His Disgust For Radishes Into A Joke, But He Turned The Tables And Pranked Her. – ‘It is now I who am laughing.’

by Trisha Leigh

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The very best families are the ones who can joke with each other, no matter which side of the laughter they’re on at any given moment.

OP walked in the kitchen to find his wife and mother-in-law putting away groceries from the farmer’s market. His mother-in-law was holding a bag of white root vegetables, and when OP asked if they were white carrots, she slyly replied yes.

Last night I come home and walk into the kitchen where my mother-in-law and wife are standing with an an enormous bag of small carrot-shaped, white root vegetables.

Exhausted from a long day, I absent-mindedly ask, “are those *white* carrots?”, the existence of radishes, temporarily eluding my consciousness.

My MIL and wife, in enthusiastic unison chime in that, yes, they are indeed carrots. “Go ahead and try one”, my MIL encourages, with an overzealousness that brings me to my senses: no. NO, these are not carrots.

So, OP tried one and proclaimed it tasted just like a carrot, but maybe not as sweet.

Game on, mama, game on. I will eat this raw root vegetable and get you to as well!

I rinse one off and snack into it as my wife and MIL attempt to stifle their giggles.

I feign confusion at their reaction: “what are y’all laughing about?”

My wife laughs, “what’s it taste like?”

“A carrot,” I say, “maybe a little less sweet.”

“You’re lying,” my MIL shoots back. “The lady who gave them to me said they’re radishes.”

When they tried to call his bluff he doubled down, biting into a second radish and declaring it delicious.

My face betrays nothing. I have crunched the pungent, peppery taste and melded it into an earnest mask of enjoyment. The sporadic laughter from my wife and MIL has ceased.

“Well, I don’t know *who* said that, but this definitely *tastes* like a carrot. Maybe I just got the one carrot mixed in with the radishes?”

I grab another, rinse it, and go to chomp town.

Mid-chew I double-down, “nope, these are definitely carrots.”

That’s when his poker face paid off!

My MIL, exasperated that either I am a master of deception or that she in-fact, *did* get the wrong bag of veggies, rinses one off, takes a massive bite, and immediately spits it back out.

It is now I who am laughing. But not a tepid giggle. An uproarious guffaw of triumph. I have won.

Now to get the taste of radish out of my mouth.

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I personally love this story.

The dedication, the poker face – perfection!