November 30, 2023 at 6:34 am

How Do Claw Machines Really Work? A Woman Bought One And Figured It Out. – ‘You can change the rate of success.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

If you’ve ever spent any time at all messing around with a claw machine at an arcade, a bowling alley, or a bar, you know how frustrating those things can be to try to operate.

But we’re gonna get some answers today!

A woman named Katie said she bought a claw machine and she learned quite a lot about how these devices work from the manual that was included

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

And she didn’t hold back.

Katie said, “I found this, and, how about it, you can change the rate of success. So, you know in the claw, like, it’s, it’s not clawing. You know? You can, you can pick it, so I feel like we all suspected this and I’m here to tell the truth to spread the word.”

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

Katie showed viewers that the manual shows how claw machine owners can change the rate of success from every time to only one out of 50 times.

She said, “When I’m playing, Imma put this baby on one-on-one…when my nephews and family come over, they better watch out.”

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

Let’s take a look at her video.


Exposing the claw machine industry !

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And here’s what folks said on TikTok.

One person knew it all along…

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

This viewer thinks she’s a hero.

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And this TikTok user said there’s some additional funny business going on here.

Source: TikTok/@clarkatie

Well, that was interesting!

The more you know…