November 13, 2023 at 9:20 am

‘I get my own accommodations. I get my own trip from the airport.’ Retired Dad Makes Sure He Doesn’t Disrupt The Lives Of His Kids Just Because He’s Retired

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

Retirement makes some people a little weird.

Think about it, you work hard your whole life and then, suddenly, you don’t have anywhere to be anymore…

And some folks don’t know how to handle it.

But a retired dad named Bill seems like he’s doing it the right way.

He posted a video and talked to viewers about how he’s doing retirement a little bit differently than other folks. Bill said that his main priority is spending time with his kids but he’s cautious about it.

Bill said, “I have to constantly remind myself that my kids did not retire with me. I decided early on in my retirement that I was going to spend significant effort getting out to see my kids on the other side of the country.”

He said that he visits his kids at least 10 times a year.

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

But Bill isn’t oblivious. He said, “They’ve got jobs, family, you know. They’ve got their own lives going on over there.”

Bill also added, “So whenever I go out, I try to treat it just like how I would visit if they were local. I get my own accommodations. I get my own trip from the airport. I don’t want them to have to turn it into this big event when I come and visit. I want them to enjoy me visiting without it becoming a huge bother.”

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

Bill also said that his kids never get bothered by his visits but that this is the system he thinks works the best way for him and his family.

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

Check out his video.


I try and constantly remind myself that the people around me didn’t #retire just because I did. I work to take extra care that I’m not becoming a disruption when I visit.

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Now let’s see what people had to say about this.

One person said they wish their parents visited them less often.

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

Another individual said this guy is doing it the right way.

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

And one person was appreciative of what this guy had to say.

Source: TikTok/@bill_retired

Sounds like this guy is doing it the right way!

Nice work, Pops!