November 10, 2023 at 4:54 am

‘I give her about $100 a week to keep my house clean.’ Woman Throws Her Trainwreck Sister Out After An Argument Over Money And Chores

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

People want to hold tight to the idea that family is special. You help family if you can, and you put up with way more crap than you would from a stranger.

Most people have a line, though, even when it comes to family.

OP’s sister has always struggled a bit with life, and recently OP took her in, with the understanding that she get it together and move out as soon as possible.

My sister is a trainwreck. She needed a place to stay and I have a large enough home for an extra person.

She has no job or income. I told her she has a few months to get her stuff together and leave.

As a gesture, she also offered to pay her sister to keep the house picked up.

I give her about $100 a week to keep my house clean so she has some cash.

Now, her sister is trying to get more money out of her because she does “other things” that she thinks she should be paid for.

I gave my sister her $100 and she said I owed her more. I was confused. She said she did other “work” for me. I asked her what more did she do? She said she walks my dog in the afternoon.

I walk my dog every morning and evening. But she takes him with her on her afternoon walks. She said the going rate for a dogwalker is $25 per walk. 5 X $25 = $125 on top of the $100.

Then she mentions she put together a scrapbook of personal letters and papers. According to her and Etsy, that job was easily another $75.

OP kicked her out. Not because of the money, but because it made her mad.

I told her I never gave her permission to do those things. Her argument is that those jobs fell under the umbrella of keeping the house clean and I was ripping her off.

So I threw her out.

The money isn’t the issue. I have plenty of disposable income. I was disgusted how she came at me.

Did she overreact? I bet Reddit has some thoughts on that!

The top comment says the sister seems to have forgotten what she’d been given in exchange.

Source: Reddit/AITA

After all, that’s what our parents would have done.

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But they wanted to be clear, OP’s sister is not a child.

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No one wants to give the sister a break.

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They definitely think OP was being too kind.

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This woman is going to regret her hubris, I think.

Or maybe not. Depends on how smart she ends up being.