November 5, 2023 at 3:28 am

‘I got a second job.’ Man Shows How He Spends $116 On Two Bags Of Groceries And People Can Relate

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

Inflation sure is kicking everyone’s behinds these days and the video you’re about to see won’t do a whole lot to calm your fears.

It comes to us from a fella named Johnny who went on the record to talk about how much he paid for only two bags of groceries.

And it wasn’t pretty…

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

Johnny said, “I was heading into the grocery store today, and I was just, like, stressing over the fact that I was gonna have to spend like $80 on groceries.”

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

He added, “I was trying to give myself a pep talk like, ‘It’ll be ok. It’ll be fine.'”

But Johnny said that, even though he only bought two bags of groceries, he ended up spending $116.

He added, “I spent $116 for the week for one person.”


Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

Here’s what he had to say.


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And this is how folks reacted.

This person is having a rough go of it lately.

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

Another viewer made a good point.

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

And this person talked about how they’re coping.

Source: TikTok/@johnnywizzz

We need food prices to come down!

It’s getting ridiculous out there…