November 11, 2023 at 6:47 pm

Man Exposes Cheating Mom By Uploading Footage Of Him In Her Home, But People Are More Interested In Her Rug

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

Well, the internet is a strange beast.

This guy was extremely inappropriate when posting someone’s living room and stating she was a cheating mom.

But the internet – it did not react the way you’d think it would.

No. Rather than anyone caring that this man had outed this woman online – they cared more about the rug in the video clip!

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

This guy, whose ethics could really seriously be called into question, wrote on his TikTok: “If you recognize this house in Nashville TN and your wife’s name is Macy, just an update she does cheat when the kids napping.”

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

Now, hopefully this is a joke or something because that’s not cool if not.

But the way posters reacted, well. That was priceless.

No one cared but they certainly DID care about that floral rug on the floor!

And here it is in its full all floral glory – the RUG!

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

Watch the full clip below:


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Here’s what folks thought of the cheat claims – or ahem – should I say the rug!

It’s ALL about that rug!

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

More rug obsessives…

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

I think he’s joking… well… I hope he is.

Source: TikTok/@tiktokerrhtlv

Yeah, he’s joking.


Who knows…