November 12, 2023 at 2:37 pm

She Taught Security Guards A Lesson With A Gross Surprise In Her Work Locker That Kept Getting “Randomly” Searched

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Malicious compliance is sometimes the best way to get even with someone…and the story you’re about to read is one of the better ones we’ve come across!

The person who wrote it explained that it all went down at their job…

Keep picking me for a random locker search? Meet my underwear.

“Many years ago I worked for an outdoor activity centre/playland in the retail department. Throughout the park there were many different shops that we manned and I absolutely loved working there despite it being hard work for little pay.

And one pesky manager decided to be a real jerk.

One day I had a run in with a manager who seriously berated me in front of the entire team along with others from different departments. I was advised by a manager from a different team to make a formal complaint which I did.

Others came out with similar complaints and said manager was advised to find employment elsewhere, but not sacked. Now, unbeknownst to me, I triggered the chain of events that would lead to me leaving the company.

This place seems like it was run like a prison…

Now before the main story there’s some background info that is relevant to my malicious compliance. There were a few rules in place that were designed to prevent theft including no more than £10 to be allowed on the shop floor which was to be checked before your shift, anything over this must be declared to management and left in your locker and all staff had to agree to random locker/pocket searches.

In the two years I’d worked here had never been picked for a random search. There were around several hundred employees so the odds were incredibly slim. As soon as our disgraced manager left I suddenly found myself picked at random for a search.

And it got worse…

This involved turning out my pockets, removing my shoes/socks and then being escorted to the locker room to empty the contents out. Nothing was found so I was sent back to the shop floor. The following week I was again picked at “random” for a search which again turned up nothing.

Rumours were soon doing the rounds that I had upset my departments remaining management team after instigating the action against my former manager and they were going to force me out using any means necessary. I realised that I needed to act so started job hunting and then began my malicious compliance.

So they decided to mess with the people doing the searches.

I started taking a backpack to work filled with £20 in pennies . Every morning I declared the amount in my locker as required and sure enough after a couple of days I was once again selected for my weekly “random” search.

I got paid to watch a security guard and supervisor count 2000 pennies. As expected I passed said search and off I went. This happened a second time with now £30 in pennies and I decided to up my game.

At the start of the following week I patiently awaited my “random” search with glee knowing what awaited them. The day soon arrived and off I was marched to the lockers ready for their treat. I lift out my backpack and pass it to the security guard and supervisor who dive straight in without any gloves.

And this time they REALLY went over the top to teach these folks a lesson.

Oh, how they wretched as they discovered what was in there. I had several pairs of my period soaked pants waiting in there especially for them. They were gingerly laid on the floor beside my bag as they counted my bag of pennies.

The smell from the pants was unreal, they’d been festering in there for days in anticipation. Once again the search revealed nothing and off to work I went.

After that I was not picked for another search again. I left after a couple more weeks to a new job and keeping in touch with some people I discovered that new rule was introduced that tried dictating what you could and couldn’t take to work with you. This soon led to a mass walkout of staff and after a year the place shut down due to unrelated matters.”

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