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Shipping Company Loses Tons Of Business After They Refused To Reimburse A Broken $600 TV. – ‘Some months we spend well over $100k.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

It always amazes me when someone in a company won’t give a customer a break even though they know it’s the right thing to do AND it will benefit them in the future.

And this story is a doozy…

The person who wrote it said that it all started with a TV that needed to be shipped…

Damage my TV in transit and deny the claim? No more shipments for you.

10 years ago I moved for my job. I had forgot about one of my TVs back home and asked my dad to ship it to me (on my companies account since they paid for my move).

The TV was not in good shape.

A couple days later the delivery driver from Shipping Company A drops it off. The box was heavily damaged so I didn’t sign for it. He waited while I plugged it in and, to no ones surprise, was damaged.

He said that he could take it back if I didn’t want to sign for it and the shipper could file the claim. I informed him I was the shipper and would file it here. This was a small mistake but I’ve shipped thousands of parts through this company so I figured it would’t be a problem.

Claim denied a month later.

This goes back and forth for a couple months with multiple emails to this old lady and she didn’t care at all.

She was also very rude to me via email and phone.

They decided to take action.

Now this Shipping Company A has two separate entities. Parcel and Freight. We solely used this freight company for all of our warehouses across the US. I cut them off at my new store and started using Company B.

It only took a month before the salesman from Shipping Company A stopped by. When he showed up and asked why he was losing $20k worth of freight a month I informed him of the $600 broken TV from his sister company a couple months back. He said that he couldn’t do anything about it since it was a separate side of their company and begged for the business back.

No dice.

And it all came back to the $600…

This goes back and forth for several months.

Our average was about $20-$25k/month they would bill us for and it was a small town so they were very upset that it was only over a $600 TV. I got a check in the mail about a year after I shipped the TV along with a letter from their Vice President.

So I guess this is the “Pro” part. Fast forward a couple years and I’ve been promoted within the company to make certain decisions and one happens to be logistics. NONE of our locations use Shipping Company A.

This company really got screwed over!

Some months we spend well over $100k but most are around $80k company wide and this has been going on for several years now. We also inform customers to use Shipping Company B since Shipping Company B is awesome and treat us very well.

Since about 2011 we have used them country wide. No telling how much Shipping Company A lost over a $600 TV.

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