November 17, 2023 at 3:48 pm

‘We’re already living paycheck to paycheck with just the two of us.’ Couple Says They Gave Up On Having Kids Because Of Finances And The “Silent Depression”

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

Well, this is a very relatable post for many out there, and it speaks to the world we live in and how hard it is to get ahead.

The young person said they have just realised that despite wanting to have kids, the couple just can’t see a way forward to having any due to what they’re labelling a “depression” in America, making life unaffordable for many people.

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

They said: “I’ve seen a lot of videos of people talking about stuff that they had to do to cut due to the cost of living and inflation, the depression. We’re living in depression. So I just wanted to chime in because I couldn’t talk about how I only thrifted new clothes now or we’re only going to Aldi for our grocery shopping.”

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

They continued, “But I think the biggest thing we gave up on is the idea of having kids. I’m 30 my partner is 29. We’re getting married at the end of the month legally and yeah, obviously the next question from our families is like ‘When are we get to see kids?’

This really stings and they sure can’t be the only couple feeling they can’t afford kids.

That’s surely not right!

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

They continued: “And we always go, you’re not. It’s too ******* expensive. We both work. So preschool or childcare alone, way over budget. We’re already living paycheck to paycheck with just the two of us, including a small child who’s going to continually grow out of all their clothes and shoes and needs to be fed all the time and needs like stimulation toys, diapers. Just not happening.”

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

I can totally feel this couple. This needs to be addressed.

Being a parent shouldn’t be out of reach due to income barriers!

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

They added: “And by the time the economy gets even a little bit better, it’s gonna be too late. I’m gonna be like, 45, 50. I’m not gonna have the energy for kids. At that point. I hope I’m traveling.”

Here’s the full clip:


It made me super sad for awhile because i really think we’d be great parents, but ive just accepted it now as things got worse #nonbinary

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Here’s what people thought of this dilemma:

The ‘silent’ depression, ain’t so silent folk feel.

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The climate crisis sure is a factor for others not having kids!

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

Kids are a huge expense and it does prevent people from becoming parents, people feel.

Source: TikTok/@bigaldrag

It seems like many people are having to make this same decision these days.

Will this trend ever turn around?