November 15, 2023 at 12:18 pm

Woman Asks For Proof Of Illness After Donating $10 To A GoFundMe, So This Person Did Exactly That

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

The sad state of affairs in America can be proven by the number of people who have an unexpected expense and then have to blow through their savings to pay for it.

Then that’s still not enough so they’re forced to beg family and friends for help.

OP’s fiancee was in an accident and needed surgery. They used their wedding savings to pay for his care and to pay their bills, since he couldn’t work.

I (25F) am engaged to my fiancé Joey (26M). He recently had surgery on his leg and hip, but there were complications, and he has been sick and weak since.

We try not to ask for help, but this has put a big financial strain on us, to the point where we’ve spent our wedding savings on his recovery.

When he started having significant setbacks, they had to put up a GoFundMe to ask for help.

We are fine with this because if we need to have a courthouse wedding, we’re cool with it. We just want him to be healthy.

But we did set up a temporary donation page to help with some of the expenses.

On one of their updates, a “friend” who had donated $10 previously made a comment about not believing it was really taking him this long to get better, and accusing them of trying to get more money for their wedding.

A friend of mine, Karla (25F) donated $10 about a month ago, and I reached out to her to thank her.

Last week we posted an update, not asking for more money, but just to let people know that Joey has had another setback and the doctors are creating an all new treatment plan for him.

Karla commented publicly and said the following: “I’m beginning to question if he has actually been sick this long or if y’all are just trying to get more money for your wedding. Who takes this long to recover from surgery especially when you’re an athlete?”

OP told her that was ridiculous and also an awful thing to say but the “friend” persisted, saying that she wanted proof or her money back.

I said, “I am very offended and appalled that you would accuse us of faking anything. Maybe you’re just having a bad day or a moment of bad judgement, but how shamefully low of you.”

She replied, “I want my donation back unless you can show proof that he’s sick. In a hospital bed or sitting in a doctors office… anything?”

OP gave her both, then got grief for that because the video proof traumatized her friend.

I sent her $10 to get her off our backs, but I also sent her a video (with Joey’s approval), the proof she asked for.

One of the concerns Joey has had is that he will get severely nauseous if he eats protein (which is what he’s supposed to be doing) and when he over-exerts himself (which he does sometimes).

I sent her a video of him dry-heaving into an emesis bag in the middle of PT. Now, one of his doctors asked us to record his PT so they can see the progression of him not feeling well to hopefully make some adjustments, so I didn’t take this video just to send to Karla, but to me it seemed like solid proof since she was asking for it.

She said, “WTH? I have emetophobia [I didn’t know this] and this just triggered me so bad. I hope you’re happy with yourself, I feel like I’ve been traumatized.”

I said, “So now you have ten more dollars to process this trauma in therapy.”

Is Reddit on a side here? Let’s hear which one!

The top commenter says OP could have turned the tables.

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They say it’s pretty telling that now the other woman thinks she’s traumatized.

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This person says she’s definitely dramatic.

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All of this over $10, really?

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In the end, OP was kinder than many of the commenters would have been.

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I have to agree that the “friend’s” comment was totally out of line.

Some people really do have a lot of nerve.