November 16, 2023 at 6:14 am

Woman Finds An Amazing Handmade Gift At A Thrift Store And Wants Social Media To Help Her Find The Owner

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

This young woman went thrift shopping only to find a board game made by a couple that traces their life memories – and it was $15!

She wants to get it back to the couple and we do NOT blame her because this handmade gift is in fact PRICELESS.

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

@viviarmacost wrote on TikTok: “Like, I’m devastated from this #thrifting… #goodwill #ebay #fleamarket.”

Look at how cool this game is! Brachmanopoly! Go you guys, whoever you are.

But we get this girl’s dilemma – this is cool but it’s soooo personal!

She wrote: “Thrifting is fun until you find a handmade gift of someone’s entire life for $15.”

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

I want to know just how this cool gift wound up in a thrift store! LOVE is the word here.

This board game tells a tale of lives lived, right from elementary school to marriage and beyond.

One, two, three, awww.

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

Everyone wants someone special to make them such a personal and beautiful gift, really, don’t they!

Lynn and Steve married in 1978. And eventually it looks like one of them went on to make this game or maybe, even the two of them, or their children.

Who knows. There’s so much to find out!

ASource: TikTok/@viviarmacost

Imagine all your personal memories all there on a board game!

Even the moment you walked down the aisle.

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

But with all those gorgeous memories, that handmade gift should be safely tucked at home with this amazing couple or with their loved ones!

I really hope this young woman finds who it should be with…

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

Watch the full clip here:


Iike im devestated from this #thrifting #thrifted #thrift #thriftingfinds #goodwill #ebay #fleamarket

♬ life is great – sew


Here’s what people thought of the love story game that wound up in a thrift store:

The internet is invested in this story!


Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

There needs to be a place to cherish such items if the owners have passed.

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

Aw no. Some people say they spotted an obituary.

But! Love like this, it never really dies.

Source: TikTok/@viviarmacost

So does user4088414914915 have the inside scoop? Or is there more to learn?

Don’t lose hope everybody!