November 27, 2023 at 6:48 pm

Workers Walked Out On The Job After They Finally Had Enough Of Their Micromanaging Boss

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@gieling

You know that things are NOT going well when workers stage a walkout.

But sometimes it’s necessary so the folks in management can get a little bit of reality drilled into their brains.

The person who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page explained that they had a boss who was something of an enigma and the workers got pretty fed up with him.

14 People, including me, walk out in protest.

“I run day to day operations for a decent sized company.

We have a president who runs the company in house. He can be tedious, overwhelming, and an all around jerk sometimes. Other times, he can be cool as can be. This was one of the times he was an overbearing, micro managing jerk.

This person was good at rallying the troops.

As shop foreman, I take my job seriously with morale. If my guys aren’t happy, good product isn’t produced. If good product isn’t produced, customers aren’t happy. Looking towards quality control, it doesn’t help when guys are over worked, under paid, and under appreciated.

But things were not going well.

Friday was one of those days that started out well, but by 6:40 am, it had deteriorated to ****. (Note: We officially don’t start work until 7 am.) After the start, it was complain about this, micro manage that. Several people being cussed at and belittled, everyone had had enough.

Once in our programming office, the idea was floated by someone that we should walk out. He can’t fire us all. Now, we’ve all joked about this time after time, but it’s never been more than a thought. We grit our teeth and bear it.

That day was something different.

It was time to prove a point.

After getting yelled at again for something out of my control, I finally said **** it. When someone asked if I was in and serious, I said yes. Then, it snowballed from there.

A total of 20 were supposed to walk out, but due to cold feet, and a few going to the bathroom, only 14 made it. At 10 am, we made our move. I told everyone to wait until he would be distracted with a machine and we’d all clock out and leave.

We all waited. When he was distracted, I gave the round up signal, and everyone left. A few stopped for beer to relax. We weren’t intending on going back to negotiate until Monday. We all met at a guy’s house and discussed why we walked, what we wanted, and what our terms were. One thing was very clear: We all came back or no one did.

And then it was time to negotiate.

After talking for 2 1/2 hours and coming to our terms, we decided to head back after a text from him. We were going to corner him, we were going to talk it straight, or we weren’t working anymore.

The talk lasted almost two hours, with both parties flexing their given muscles at some point. But one thing was made clear, things were going to change, or we’d all go look for new jobs.

And, wouldn’t you know it, things worked out for the best!

After several people were threatened with being fired, and none being let go, we came to terms that benefitted us. For once, our workplace had so much morale. People were excited to work again. We went back to work with a purpose, agenda, and pride.

This is the first Monday I’ve looked forward to work in a year. Even the guys who couldn’t come, the people in the main office – we stirred the pot. We’ve made it known, we’re not going to go thru this anymore.

I’ll vouch for any of my men… and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

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Walkouts sure can be effective!

Nice work!