November 28, 2023 at 2:35 pm

Fire Me For Wanting To Go To A Concert? I’ll Sue You Into Oblivion. – ‘It was the most profitable concert I have ever been to in my life.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/@Vicodingh

As a fan of the band Slayer, I took this story very personally…because you should never mess with SLAYER.

You’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute…

This story comes to us from Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” page and you better believe that heavy metal fans all over the world were fired up about what this person went though.

Let’s see what they had to say…

I sued my boss because he fired me for wanting to attend a concert.

“During my gap year between studies I decided to work for Company N.

Company N was run by a husband (Dave) and wife (Karen) with their son and basically treated their staff like a small family.

All they wanted to do was go see a concert…

All was well for about 2 months, until I realized I had to ask for a day off since I wanted to attend the last Slayer concert the band would give in my country.

There was about a month to go, so I sent an Email asking for the day off and explaining why.

Their boss was not having it.

This is where everything started to go downhill.

I got a reply from the Karen and her reply was… weird. She stated that’s not how asking for a day off works.

I was confused to say the least. Not sure what to do I thought she wanted a more formal way of asking, so I wrote a formal email asking for the day off.

She shot an email back I really had to think it through what I was doing. Which made even less sense to me!

But I was hopeful since I never really got a specific: “No”.

The next workday rolls around. I arrived, lock up my bike and headed inside ready for work.

I immediately started looking for Dave to ask for answers.

Before I could even open my mouth he asked me: “Do you still want to go to that concert?”

They had a big surprise coming.

I didn’t expect him to ask this so quickly answered: “Yes”.

The only thing he said back was: “Okay, take off your vest and you can go home.”

I was stunned, And while the words started to sink in I looked at my colleagues which were just preparing for opening.

When it finally sank in… anger flowed in. I am not a confrontal person so I simply took off my vest and gave it to Dave.

Without a word I left and started biking home.

It was time to do some research.

When I got back home I told my mother what happened.

We started sending Emails for extra information and got very Karen-like emails back.

After a couple emails which went basically nowhere, I looked up the laws for immediate dismissal.

After reading up about it I learned that (in my country) somebody can only be immediately fired when: caught stealing, frauding, the person isn’t able to do the work or refusal to do the work.

I did none of these.

They decided to to take them to court.

A day or two later I met with my attorney and began the steps to sue Company N.

I told my lawyer what happened in detail and he was very confident I was in my right and she was not. So after trading even more emails between the three of us we went to small claims. I came prepared in a suit with my attorney in tow.

And Karen showed up… alone. I guess she assumed she won because she thought she was in her right. The trial began and I was as professional and objective as I could be, Karen did the same. Well, for about half of the trial.

Karen was now in some hot water.

When she realized evidence was piling up against her she resorted to calling me a spoiled brat among other things. It’s safe to say that was the point the judge ruled in my favour.

As per usual I had to wait a month before I got the verdict black on white in the mail, but I won! It may have taken about 6 months from the moment I was told to go home to the point those 6 months of pay were transferred to my bank account. But it was 100% worth it!

I’d call this a happy ending!

In the end I went to the concert, It was the most profitable concert I have ever been to in my life!”

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Let this be a lesson to all the bosses out there…

You can’t ever stop rock n’ roll!