December 22, 2023 at 6:39 pm

Administration Forces Teacher To Finally Give A Speech To The Student Body, So He Delivers The Most Boring One Imaginable

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

There are certain duties that go along with our jobs that are not our favorite things. That said, if they’re part of the job description, most of us just suck it up and get on with it.

OP went to a school where, on specific historic days, a rotating teacher would give a speech giving context to the event(s) during a morning formation.

Back when I was in high school (a loooong time ago) whenever an important date approached (IE: Independence day, etc…) we would line up in the courtyard and would have to be standing still as in formation and one of the teachers would do a speech about the date and the importance of it.

Those speeches would usually be around 10-15 minutes long (about as long as it was humanely possible to keep 150 teenagers lined up and standing still on formation and listening) and the teacher doing the speech would rotate amongst all the faculty and, since there were quite a few teachers, each teacher was due around once a year or less than that.

All of the teachers but one, that is – never in 30 years had a particular teacher had to participate.

There was one notable omission on the teacher’s roster.

The mechanography teacher (this would age the post really well I guess…) NEVER did a speech.

Let’s call him Mech.

He would always refuse and get away with it for whatever reason.

In around 30 or so years teaching at the school, it became famous that he NEVER did a speech.

Until one year, when the dean decided enough was enough and that he would give that month’s special speech.

Until this one day when I guess the dean got out of bed on his wrong foot or whatever and he absolutely demanded Mech to do the speech.

There was no way to get away with it. Mech would have to do it, his first speech in 30 or so years at the school.

Even some of the faculty, former students of Mech themselves, were excited to see the outcome of this power struggle between Mech and the dean.

He regretted that decision when the teacher droned on for 45 minutes, much to the chagrin (and slight delight) of the students trying to stay awake and silent for nearly an hour.

So we lined up at the courtyard, 150 students, 15-20 teachers, etc, etc…

And Mech took the stand and the mic with, definitely, a smirk of malicious compliance in his face.


More than 45 minutes of an absolutely drowsing speech, telling every single minute detail and fact about the date in question.

For the students, it was destruction.

Having to stand still and silent for almost an hour (failing to do so was one of the most punishable offenses), trying not to fall asleep on our feet.

The dean presumably learned his lesson that day.

The dean tried to stop Mech twice, the first time, Mech just completely ignored the dean, the second time, Mech just plainly told the dean “you wanted me to do the speech, deal with it” for the whole audience to listen.

Around 30-35 minutes, some of the older “I don’t give a $%&@ anymore” students started shouting things at Mech, not hurtful things, but colourful commentaries about the speech.

We started laughing. Mech carried on as if nothing happened. Dean tried to take the stand to demand silence. Mech denied the dean saying “I’m not finished yet”.

That day we lost probably 1:30hs of teaching time. We ended up hating Mech for the torture he put us through.

When he finished, the dean had no choice but to give us a short unscheduled break before returning to class.

Over the years, I realized what an absolute masterpiece of malicious compliance Mech delivered.

Mech NEVER did a speech again at the school.

Is Reddit applauding this old teacher? I bet so!

The top comment thinks the dean owed everyone an apology.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Some teachers do that, apparently.

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They say he could have found a different way…

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I guess you shouldn’t mess with professors.

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I’m glad this wasn’t a thing at my school.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Listen, I’m sorry for the students.

This was some epic compliance, though!

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