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American Explains The Creepy Reason Why You Should Never Go To The Catacombs In Paris. – ‘They will run up to you, grab your flashlight.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

Do you know about the Catacombs in Paris, France?

It’s a huge underground cemetery that holds the remains of millions and millions of people…and by all accounts, it’s a pretty terrifying place.

A TikTokker named Amanda posted a video and talked to viewers about why she thinks they should never, ever head underground to the sections of the Catacombs that are considered off-limits to tourists should they find themselves in Paris.

Source: TikTok/@americanfille
Amanda said there is the safe part of the Catacombs you can go to with a tour guide but then she added, “But there are catacombs under the entire city. And if you move to Paris, it will not take you very long to find somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody where the entrances are, how to get in.”

She added, “And for me, for a long time I was like I wanna go in there I wanna go in there that was my plan. I literally bought a headlamp for that, like I bought a headlamp for the purpose of going into the catacombs and turns out, great purchase cause I use it all the time. But that’s what I bought it for.”

Amanda said that people get lost in the Catacombs and some have actually passed away.

She said, “It’s not safe. You don’t know where it’s reinforced, it’s just a risky thing to do and it’s kind of stupid. Good reasons.”

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

She then shared story: “So I dated a guy, a Parisian guy who grew up here and he’s the type of guy who enjoys breaking the rules so he’s definitely gone in there and he has friends who go in there and I had said to him I want to go in there and he’s like I mean we could go but you can’t go without me.”

She continued, “There’s people that live in there. Full time. There’s a community of people that live in the Catacombs. Okay and they don’t want tourists going in there whether it’s tourists like Americans, tourists like French people, they don’t want people going in there period.”

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

She continued, “They will run up to you, grab your flashlight and grab your map and then run away. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? You go down with your little headlamp and little map and I’m like whoo we’re going on an adventure, which is illegal by the way, and then someone runs up to me, imagine, grabs my map out of my hand and my headlamp and I’m…just sat there going oh my God where do I go?”

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

She concluded her video by saying, “You’re gonna get disgusting, you could ***, like just please don’t ever do it. Please don’t ever do it and no I will not…tell you where the entrances are. No. Never. There are other ways to have fun adventures in Paris. Go to Pere-Lachaise cemetery and try to summon the ghosts that live there that’s way more fun I promise.”

Scary stuff!

Source: TikTok/@americanfille

Here’s what she had to say.


Do not ever go into the Paris Catacombs! (Apart from the museum tour) #pariscatacombs #catacombs

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