December 10, 2023 at 2:52 pm

Company Insisted Employee Attend A Meeting At An Inconvenient Time, So He Taught His Colleagues An Expensive Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@wocintechchat

Okay, folks, you got it!

Sometimes at work, the only thing you can do is throw up your hands and agree to whatever is being asked of you even when you know it’s wrong.

And it sounds like the person who wrote this story on Reddit was at the end of their rope and didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore!

And they wanted to teach their co-workers a lesson.

Check out what they had to say.

Want me to stop postponing meetings? Ok.

“So I work in a tech company, usually we have a software deployment every other Thursday.

They have a good reason for not wanting to do long meetings on Fridays.

The team usually has a long meeting on Friday (2-3 hours) after deployment. However, usually we have some minor issues after deployment and I have to do a lot of monitoring and fixing, so I usually ask the team to push the meeting to Monday so we can stabilise the system first.

But not everyone was happy about it.

A few weeks ago in the meeting, they pointed out how I’m always postponing the meeting, and we never have it in its set date which is Friday. I mentioned that usually the system isn’t stable on Friday and I have to fix it. But they all agreed that we must stick to the schedule. I was like “okay”.

The Friday meeting went on as planned…and things didn’t go well.

After 2 weeks, I attended the meeting on its scheduled time on Friday. It went on for like 3 hours. When we came out, there were hundreds of emails and tickets from the client, the servers were down for hours right at peak usage time. Our clients were ****** and had lost tens of thousands of dollars during that time.

Told ya so!

The thing is, it was already the end of my workday, so my boss had to pay me a hefty amount for working on weekends, and twice the days in leave as a replacement.”

And here’s what folks had to say on Reddit.

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I agree!

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As we’ve said before, some folks just have to learn the hard way.

You know that’s the truth!