December 11, 2023 at 6:37 am

Customer Thinks They’ve Gotten Their Way, Until They See Their Total. – ‘You insisted so I gave it to you.’

by Trisha Leigh

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This story takes place at one of those retail department stores where there’s always at least one discount coupon, but sometimes there are even better ones floating around the internet.

I work at a department store that routinely has % off coupons for additional discounts. We also offer a 10% senior discount everyday but the rule is only one percentage off can be applied to your purchase.

The cashier was experienced, so when she saw a particular sort of customer marching up with her coupon and demanding her senior discount, OP wasn’t surprised when the lady threw a fit.

Enter Karen into my checkout line. She has a 40% off coupon and has lots of items to be purchased. After scanning her cart load, I scan her 40% off coupon.

She then informs me that she is a senior(obvious) and wants her 10% off also.

I tell her that only one percentage can be applied.

She asked for a manager and OP obliged. The woman was not satisfied by the manager simply backing OP up.

Of course she wants a manager! Manager shows up next to me and tells her the same rule. She becomes irate and demands her senior discount.

Manager tells her again only one percentage can be applied. But she is insisting on her senior discount.

So, the manager did what she asked – costing her a bunch of money in the process.

So manager reaches over me and applies the 10% senior discount. She gets the “I got my way” smirk on her face.

Then manager removes the 40% off discount from the transaction and lady about loses her mind. “Where’s my 40% coupon?”

Manager said you insisted on your 10% senior discount so I gave it to you.

I’d like to think she learned her lesson but she probably didn’t.

She backtracked pretty quickly and said she wants the 40% instead of the senior discount.

I really wish she hadn’t noticed and only got the senior discount.

Does Reddit think so? Let’s find out!

The top comment says they would have taken it one step further.

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Have a good day now, g’bye.

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Those who have been there say same day, different customer.

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I mean, when do coupons combine???

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They love to see managers like these.

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I’m happy this manager backed up her employee.

There should be more out there like them!