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Family Members Demand To Be Told The Right Time, But Miss Family Outing Because They Could Never Be On Time For Anything

by Matthew Gilligan

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Doesn’t it drive you nuts when people can’t be on time?

It’s not that hard folks, just pay attention and make it happen!

But some people just have to learn the hard way…

The person who wrote this story on Reddit explained that this was a family affair…

Tell us the right time!

“For many years, my family would take trips with other family members.

Some folks could never be on time.

All of these trips had one thing in common, my Aunt, Uncle and cousins would be late for everything. This used to really irritate my parents who are pretty punctual and a lot more kids to organise (4 of us) compared to my 2 cousins.

By mutual agreement, any other family involved in these outings decided to go along with my parents give Aunt and Uncle the wrong time.

For example, if an event started at 11 am, they’d be told 10 am.

This plan worked for a little while.

This was pretty effective until Aunt and Uncle started realising they were being given the wrong time. I believe other family members explained why that was and that they were fed up with always waiting on them or being late.

Self awareness not being very apparent that they were the issue, it was decided by them that it wasn’t their fault and they told my parents “Give us the right time from now on and you’ll see, we aren’t the problem!”

My parents (especially my Mam) doesn’t like the idea of people missing out on something but is also prepared to let a natural consequence occur if its not too harsh.

It was time for another trip.

The very next week we had a day trip booked on the ferry.

This was something we did once a year, over to the UK and back in one day. Fondly known as a “booze cruise” back in the day due to the opportunity to purchase cheap alcohol.

Kids would explore the ship and when we docked, raid the pick n mix in Woolworths and buy confection that we couldn’t get at home.

It was something everyone looked forward to a lot (what can I say, it was the early ’90s).

The big day arrived…

With the best will in the world, the ferry waits for no man.

So it was a sad day for 4 people who were told the ferry left at 8am sharp (the correct time) and who arrived after 8.30 to see a small, ferry shaped speck in the distance, heading towards the UK.

They blew it!

Sadly, it didn’t make them anymore punctual after that but they were always told the correct time as requested and if they were late, we didn’t wait anymore.

For months, whenever we’d see them after that, my parents used to cheerily wave and say “Ferry nice to see you!”

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