December 6, 2023 at 8:47 am

Family Wouldn’t Stop Messing With Her Food So She Screamed At Them To Get Out Of The Kitchen. ‘My husband was putting canned chicken in the Mac n Cheese.’

by Matthew Gilligan

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If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Or, in this case, if you annoy the hell out of me, you better vacate the premises immediately.

So did this woman go way too far in how she reacted to folks playing around with the food she was preparing?

Read on to see what you think.

AITA for screaming at my husband and his sister to get out of my kitchen?

“My husband’s sister (38) lives with us and our kids. I’m well beyond fed up with her being here because of food issues. That’s the only reason.

The sister won’t stay out of her way.

So, basically, every single time I make food his sister will come in and “doctor up” the food I’m making to her liking.

Like I made steak and shrimp the other day (like Applebee’s) and she waited until I left the room to put a full stick of butter in my shrimp- that was already done- and when I came back in, she goes “I’m pretty sure that’s the taste you were looking for” and completely ruined it. It was trash.

Or whenever I make spaghetti she will start dumping sugar in to the sauce, to a point of sweet spaghetti that me and my kids outright refuse to touch because it’s nasty. Every single time that she can get away with it, she’s doing something to the food.

And then her husband joined in.

Anyways, my husband has started doing the same thing. I went to make home made Mac last night and cheese burgers.

I went to the basement to the chest freezer to grab the veggies I needed and when I came back upstairs, my husband was putting canned chicken in to the Mac n Cheese (he knows the kids absolutely **** the taste of that) and his sister has pushing blocks of blue cheese in to the partially cooked burgers.

She was not happy.

I asked what the **** they thought they were doing (because I’ve told them SO MANY TIMES to stop messing with the food) and neither of them had any good excuse, other than “we were just helping”.

I flipped out and told them to get the **** out of my kitchen.

Both of them told me I was overreacting, etc etc.

And she’s tired of it!

The thing is, I’ve openly asked my SIL to cook several times and she won’t. But she won’t stop messing with the food I’m making. My husband cooks often and I don’t care if he screws with food he makes but it royally ****** me off when my cooking is messed with and he knows that.


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If you can’t take the heat…

Well, you know the rest…