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Guy Bails On Anniversary Trip After Girlfriend Invites Her Friends To Crash. – ‘Her friends think I’m overreacting and that I ruined the trip’

by Trisha Leigh

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Everyone needs friends outside of their romantic relationship. But while that is true and healthy, the fact remains that most romantic partners will also want to take time to spend together alone as well.

OP wanted to take a trip with his girlfriend to celebrate their five-year anniversary. They decided on a winter sports trip to Colorado and got to planning – OP intending to throw in a surprise proposal at the end of it.

My GF (Sarah, 29) and I (M, 28) have been dating for 5 years, and I wanted to go on a vacation with her to celebrate. I planned the trip for several months (of course I shared my plans with her), and decided on skiing/snowboarding/other winter activities in CO.

The activities seemed perfect, and I was looking forward to this for months because I wanted to propose to her at the end of the trip.

Then she dropped the bombshell that she’d invited a couple of her friends to meet them there. He argued this was a trip meant for the two of them but she just kind of shrugged it off.

5 days before the trip, Sarah dropped the ball on me that she invited 2 of her friends to meet her there. I was upset because I wanted to spend 1:1 time with Sarah for our anniversary. I feel like it was plain and clear that this was a trip for just us.

Even though I expressed my concerns, Sarah insisted that her friends already made plans to come and won’t back out.

I decided to accept this because there was no way for me to force her friends to not come (I wish I fought more on this). I figured we could make some changes to our plans, and I would still be able to propose to her privately.

Once there, OP felt abandoned in favor of her friends and decided after three days to just go home early.

Sarah essentially blew me off for her friends and we didn’t get any private time.

His girlfriend and her friends felt he was making a big deal out of nothing and trying make the trip all about his pouting.

After 3 days of being in second place, I decided to leave the trip and head home. I told Sarah why I was leaving, and she was upset. She told her friends about my decision, and I was ganged up on. They said we were all having a great time.

She thinks I’m being a jerk for making her pick between her friends and me (even though her friends weren’t invited in the first place).

I never had personal issues with her friends prior to this trip. I never made Sarah pick between me or her friends because everyone needs friends outside of a relationship.

Once home, OP has really begun thinking about why it bothered him so much and what he wants to say to his girlfriend when she returns.

I’m at home now and thinking about everything. I have a day to myself before Sarah comes home, so at least I get to relax a bit.

Sarah and her friends think I’m overreacting and think I ruined the trip.

I think Sarah was disrespectful and rude to me by ruining the purpose of this trip and having her friends gang up on me.

AITA For Leaving a Vacation I Planned for my GF After Her Friends Came Along?

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