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He Refused To Help A Neighbor In Freezing Weather After They Were Rude

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@josephtpearson

Sometimes, you only get one shot to be nice to people, and if you don’t…well, they might just never want to deal with you ever again.

That seems to be the case in this story from Reddit, but the question remains, did this guy take things too far…?

AITA for refusing to help my neighbor and her two young children when their wipers were frozen?

“I (59M) live in a major city in Ontario, Canada. I live in a small subdivision and have 5 neighbors total on my street.

He tries to help out his neighbors during the long winter months up north.

For the past few years during the winter when we’re getting a lot of snow or a bad storms, as I’m leaving for my overnight shift at around 8-9pm I’ll put my wifes windshield wipers up on her car and do a quick walk around to my other 5 neighbors and put their windshield wipers up on their cars (obviously not if they’re outside or something, but if it looks like they’re in for the night).

Many of them forget to do this, as many of them have children and it typically slips their mind, and their wipers will be frozen to their car in the morning.

It’s just something nice I like to do to look out for my neighbors. They’re all always grateful of this and thank me for it. Many of them started doing it too and there will be nights where I’ll forget to put mind and my wifes up, and in the morning one of the neighbors has done it for us.

There are some new neighbors…

Anyway recently one of our neighbor’s moved and a new family moved in as of last week. It’s a young couple and their two young children. The other night I was leaving for my overnight shift at around 9pm. It was snowing really heavy and we were supposed to be getting almost 30 cm of snow and it was FREEZING out. So I put my wife’s wipers up and do my usual quick walk around to the other neighbors.

This didn’t go over well.

I was hesitant when I reached my new neighbors house, as I’ve only introduced myself once, but did it anyway. As I was putting the second wiper up on their pick up truck the husband came charging out of his front door yelling “HEY WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING TO MY TRUCK?” I tried to explain to him I was just putting his wipers up to help him.

This guy was livid.

He continued to scream at me to “get the hell off my property and don’t touch my **** AGAIN!”. The wife then came out and started yelling at me too. I apologized and started walking away. Some of my other neighbors heard the commotion and came outside to see what was happening.

They tried explaining to him too that it’s just something we do, both of them wasn’t having it.

And wouldn’t you know it…

Fast forward to this morning, I’m arriving home from my overnight shift and as I’m walking in I see the wife of this couple struggling outside to break the ice off the windshield wipers of the truck. Guess she was trying to take her kids to school and the wipers were frozen solid on the car.

He could only do what was asked of him!

She sees me and yells over “Hey there! Do you mind giving me a hand please?” I look over to her and yell back “No sorry, thought I was to never touch your **** again ma’am” and walked back inside. She yelled back at me “wow *******!”.

Told my wife about this, she thinks I should’ve helped her because she was just trying to get her kids to school. I disagree as I was just following what they told me.


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I think the neighbors probably learned a valuable lesson.

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