December 11, 2023 at 2:49 am

Her Mom Had A Serious Accident And Had To Miss Her Wedding Day, So She Made A Sweet Video For Her. – ‘I wish you were here.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

It’s always sad when a bride or groom’s special friends and family members can’t make it to their wedding for one reason or another.

And for a woman named Jessica, the reality that her beloved mother wouldn’t be able to make it on her special day left a big hole in her heart.

So she took to TikTok to share the special video that she made on her wedding day for her mom who couldn’t attend because of a serious accident.

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

Jessica said, “Hi Mom, good morning. It is my wedding day. I miss you, Mom.”

She continued, “Hi Mom, I am about to walk down the aisle. Everyone just left the bridal suite, so it’s just me. I’m a little bit nervous, but I just want to say how much I love you and I miss you, and I wish you were here.”

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

Jessica then added, “But I also know that you would want me to have a great day. I can’t wait to watch all the videos, and share pictures, and come home and try on my dress for you.”

How sweet!

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

Take a look at her video.


When your Mom can’t make it to your wedding due to a horrific car accident, you make small videos to share with her when she’s better 🤍 #weddingtiktok #fyp #iloveyoumom

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Jessica posted a follow-up video of her and her new husband dancing for her mother to enjoy.


10/10 recommend marrying your best friend and hiring the best crew to capture moments like these 🥹🤍 #weddingtiktok #fyp #tennessee #weddingday #weddingvibes

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Here’s what people had to say.

One person was incredibly moved by this video.

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

This viewer said this must have been very hard for her.

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

And one TikTok user shared their own sad story.

Source: TikTok/@jessica.m.berrier

We wish you and your mom the best.

Here’s to a speedy recovery!