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His Daughter Doesn’t Get On The Cheerleading Squad Because Of Strict Policies, But Dad Actually Agrees With The School

by Matthew Gilligan

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I’m gonna go on the record here and say that I applaud this dad for how he handled this situation.

Too many parents are way too involved in the activities of their kids and they butt in when they really shouldn’t.

So it’s pretty refreshing to hear about a parent who doesn’t try to flex their muscles and stick their nose in.

But was he a jerk for not fighting for his daughter in this situation?

Read on to get all the details.

AITA for not fighting the school to allow my daughter to do cheerleading since the athletic trainer denied her?

“I am so tired and need an outside opinion.

The school’s athletic trainer (Beth) is a very strict woman. She started two years ago and at the time I thought she was just being a jerk and on a power-trip.

Beth was not. All she was asking for his basic respect.

This became really apparent when the school had a meeting about her and went through every single incident with her.

The folks at the school laid it out for her…but it showed that she was only doing her job.

They used the camera footage for a lot of incidents (parents know that office is recorded) and it showed the kids were awful and she was professional.

The kids were awful and really ended up have a tantrum when she told them no.

Many times the kids were calling her names and it really made me reevaluate my opinion on Beth.

One example for reference, one kid needed to do a balance test and take off their shoes. She had a fit and refused to do so. Beth told her that was fine but without it they can’t play.

She took off her shoes and called her some lovely names. Not to mention the parents getting on her *** for it.

His daughter blew it.

Now my daughter is a sophomore (15) and she needs to do a concussion test in the winter. If she doesn’t than she can’t cheer.

She knew about the whole thing and they had a practice for it. She gave everyone a time to be in her office.

My daughter got a time and didn’t go in at that time. She went in at the end of practice when she was packing up.

And the coach wasn’t having it.

Beth told her no and I am embarrassed to say it but my daughter had a huge fit about it. Beth stood her ground on it and went home.

Now she is on vacation and my daughter can not cheer until the concussion test is done. That will probably be done in December so she is missing a ton of cheer events due to Thanksgiving fest.

My daughter was mad and wants me to fight the school. I told her no since I saw how she acted ( I asked for the footage).

That is what she gets for being inconsiderate to Beth. My wife wants to fight it and both of them think I am huge jerks.”

Here’s what people had to say about this.

This person said he’s NTA. Not at all!

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Another reader said they left teaching because of parents like this.

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And one individual said he needs to tell his daughter how this really works.

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I don’t think this guy did anything wrong.

What do you think?

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