December 9, 2023 at 8:47 am

In-Laws Wants Steaks “Well Done” So He Doesn’t Buy Wagyu, But His Wife Wants The Expensive Stuff For Them.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Saving the “good meat” for your own parents and not your in-laws?

Uh oh…this doesn’t sound good, does it?

But there’s gotta be more to the story, right?

Read on to get all the details and see if you think this guy was out of line.

AITA for buying lower grade steaks when my in-laws visit and serving my mom and dad Wagyu?

“My wife and I live far away from both of our sets of parents. We visit them a couple of times a year and they visit us about the same.

His parents are foodies.

My mom and dad love food. They will buy pounds of garlic and leave it in a rice maker for a month to make black garlic. They plan their vacations around amazing restaurants.

His in-laws…not so much…

My in-laws are lovely people but boiling chicken drumsticks is fancy for them. And they refuse to eat steak that isn’t well done.

I discovered this the first time I went to their home for dinner. I wasn’t even asked how I like my steak. Everyone got a well done steak.

It took me years to convince my wife to try a medium rare steak. Now she loves them.

I bought some beautiful prime steak for them when they came over when we moved in together. I made theirs medium well, and her dad took it back to the grill and destroyed them.

He doesn’t waste money on the in-laws anymore.

So now I buy Select grade meat.

I’ve been buying some excellent quality Wagyu for when my parents visit. Not every single time. Maybe once a year.

My wife says I’m being an ******* by not treating both families the same.

I don’t think I should waste money on great food for them when I know how they will treat it.”

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