December 1, 2023 at 1:49 pm

Horrible Tenants Sneak Out In The Middle Of The Night, But Landlord Saw Them Post On Instagram Weeks Later And Gets Revenge

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

It’s no secret that the landlord-tenant relationship can be fraught on both sides and for so many reasons.

In this case we’re getting a story from the son of the landlord, who had tenants in their home for several years who were less than savory.

Tenants on the trashy side had been living at parents property for a while. After a cash windfall they decided it was time to move out.

Fine. Whatever.

When they came into some money they said they were going to move out, but in the interim, stopped paying their rent. They took OP’s parents to court claiming there was mold in the apartment.

They start complaining and being late on rent. Mold, etc….and take us to court.

They never show up to court.

This elongates the process so they end up basically living for free in our house while taking us to court for poor living conditions (i know right).

A few months go by until they HAVE to go to court.

There were several instances where they did not show up for court, which just meant they got to live there rent-free for longer.

An expert eventually testified that there was no mold causing issues and a judgement was issued in OP’s parents’ favor for back rent.

One of them shows up crying that their baby is dying because of the mold blah blah.

Judge goes in on her saying you’ve been living there rent free for over six months if ur baby is sick y don’t u leave, and we also had a mold guy come in and inspect the house and he basically said it’s not mold that’s giving ur kid breathing problems it’s your cigarette smoke.

Case gets thrown out, they gota pay back rent.

The lodgers moved out without paying it, and months went by without a word.

OP followed them on FB, though, knowing that they would eventually brag about their new digs – and when they did, he sent their address to his lawyer.

Literally that night they get a u haul and leave town. I followed their every move on IG knowing they were eventually gonna slip up.

A few weeks go by and they start posting pics of their house and such. Eventually they put a location on one of their pics.

Bad move, honey. Bless your heart.

Got on google earth, found street, found actual house by matching the red door to one of their pics. Sent it to lawyer.

They got served and the guy had to sell his vintage car to pay us back.

Is Reddit going to side with the landlords on this one?

This person wonders how people like that manage to stumble into money.

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But this commenter thinks they have a bite on it…

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No one ever said life was fair.

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It seems like not everyone is getting away scot-free, though.

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Too many people have stories, y’all.

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This has convinced me to never rent to people.

I don’t have the constitution for it.