December 10, 2023 at 4:33 pm

HR Told Employee He Could Only Use Popcorn Machine On Holidays, So He Made Up Fake Holidays. – ‘It’s April 2nd. Happy Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@mboulden

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It comes to us from Reddit’s “Malcious Compliance” page and the person who wrote about it said it all went down in an office.

We can only make popcorn in the office on holidays? Okay. Happy National Crayon Day.

“This story is about one of my mother’s coworkers.

Basically, her office had a popcorn machine. This particular coworker had a habit of abusing the popcorn machine and making popcorn on a regular basis.

The higher-ups put out a memo about the popcorn situation.

He abused his popcorn privileges so often that the office put out a memo stating that the popcorn machine was now reserved for birthdays and holidays only, popcorn could no longer be made on any normal day.

It was time to have some fun!

This was where the malicious compliance came in.

This coworker began sending emails out to everybody along these lines.

“It’s March 31st! Happy National Crayon Day! I have made popcorn in the break room!”

“It’s April 2nd! Happy Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! I have made popcorn in the break room!”

“It’s April 3rd! Happy Pony Express day! I have made popcorn in the break room!”

All of these emails would contain links to articles proving that these were legitimate holidays.

This guy was committed to his cause!

Nobody fought him on this. This madman just kept on making popcorn whenever he pleased, so long as he could prove that that day was some form of holiday. I’m not sure why he didn’t just bring a bag of popcorn for himself and always felt the need to use the company popcorn maker to make popcorn for everybody.

There are many things I will not know about popcorn man. But whenever I’m celebrating National Adopt A Ferret Day I eat some popcorn in celebration of him.”

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