December 7, 2023 at 7:24 am

Man Shows “Laundry Detergent” Side Hustle That Can Earn You Serious Cash

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

If you thought the laundromat detergent was a little expensive, well, you were right and someone’s probably profiting hugely but that’s business.

And this laundromat owner has been totally honest, divulging his secrets on how to make some serious cash from buying cheap and earning double the money on those cute little packs of detergent! Take notes!

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

@laundromatmoney told his followers on TikTok how he made a “passive income” from just filling up a vending machine with cheap packs of powder and selling them for double and who knew but winter’s the season to make the big bucks!

He said: “I buy the little boxes online for about 60 cents each and sell them for $1.25. All I really have to do is stop and collect the money every two weeks, so it’s pretty fast. I sell a bunch of different items like laundry bag, stain removers, fabric softeners…”

He continued: “My best sellers by far are dryer sheets and laundry bags and Tide… Laundromats are busier during the winter and slower during the summer. So, this machine makes a lot more money in the winter than it does summer.”

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

But even though a detergent that’s kind to skin doesn’t make him much cash, this dude still keeps it in stock to think of others. That’s kinda sweet capitalism right there!

He said: “Even though it doesn’t make much money. I like to keep it in stock for people with sensitive skin and eczema. My best seller by far is Tide. So, I keep two rows stocked with it because it runs out so fast. I’m sure I could charge a lot more for these boxes and people would still buy them but I’m currently making double my money. So that’s good number now….So here we have about 350 bucks.”

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

Whooooo that’s some profit – sweet!

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There’s love for that little slice of considerate capitalism!

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

People just wanna emulate this laundromat cash maker – but you probably do need to own a laundromat first!

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

And just love here. What’s not to love about that!

Source: TikTok/@laundromatmoney

This might be a decent side hustle?

You never know until you try…