December 7, 2023 at 11:24 am

‘My mortgage is 27 times my parents’ mortgage. My house is valued at a third of my parents’ house.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

This is crazy. This TikToker says he just found out he’s paying 27 times more for his mortgage for a house a THIRD of the value.

Now, everyone knew we were getting ripped off right, left and centre these days. From food, to bills, to mortgages, everything is incredibly priced.

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

But this guy. Wow.

Imagine finding out you’re paying 27 times the mortgage your parents were for a home of less value.

That’s a LOT to unwrap right there.

And a lot of people just can’t figure out why his parents haven’t paid the house off. It’s a Target run!

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

@adamjlucas told his followers: “I just found out that my parents mortgage is $287 and I’m going to throw up okay. My mortgage is 27 times my parents mortgage. My house is valued at a third of my parents house. I would like to puke, I would like to throw up. I’m gonna go puke.”

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

A lot of people would understand just why this man’s feeling unwell…. wow!

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what a riot #housing

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Here’s what others thought of this generational rip off!


Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

This topic is pretty depressing…

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

Ouch. Those are BIG numbers a month!

Source: TikTok/@adamjlucas

Seems like things might get worse before they get better.