December 10, 2023 at 11:37 am

Nurse With Alopecia Makes Rude Patient Understand Why She Wears Crazy Wigs. – ‘Is this professional enough for you?’

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/iStock

People make all kinds of choices when it comes to what they wear. That’s what’s great about fashion – there’s something for everyone and what we choose to put on has no negative impact on those around us.

Of course, some folks didn’t get the memo about the last part.

The woman in this story is a nurse who enjoys wearing wild wigs. She doesn’t have cancer; they just make her happy.

Susie has a very positive and upbeat personality with a wild sense of style. She wears very bright clothes and likes to wear wigs.

And no, she does not have cancer.

They look pretty cool, too, according to her friends.

But she’s always rocking an awesome wig that matches her outfit. My wife even sends pics to me aside from the social media posts of their night.

She wants to get wigs and lets me know by way of these pics.

One of her patients at work definitely did not agree, however, and told her so.

Last bunco night Susie tells the gals about one of her patients that clearly did not like her. She always has a frumpy face when looking at her, and always has a problem.

The patient was getting continuous care and saw Susie regularly over the past few weeks, so this attitude graded on her over time. But this time she crossed a line.

Upon her latest visit she told Susie “Your unprofessional wigs are making me sick! Stop wearing all these different crazy wigs!”

The nurse promptly took off her wig, revealing alopecia-related patchiness, shutting up the patient.

Instantly, right then and there Susie took off her wig, making sure it clearly showed one of her reasons for wearing wigs in the first place.

She had long clumps of hair that gnarled out in all directions, showing bald spots as well. Susie has alopecia and lets it grow out to help fasten the wigs at times (what my wife was told)

It was quite the sight to behold, and Susie ended with “is this professional enough for you?”

As long as she had to see that patient, not another word was said.

Susie wishes she could have a picture of the moment but the way she described the ladies snarled lip at the sight of her and in response to the action was classic.

The patient never said anything mean to her again, and even made an attempt at smiling the last time she saw her.

I bet Reddit wants to see pics of this queen!

They do love to see bullies put in their place.

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This person says having cancer, they can relate.

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Making people uncomfortable can be sort of fun.

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It’s a reminder that you never know what others are going through.

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Also, choose to be kind when you can.

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I don’t understand why people choose to be jerks.

Maybe she was just having a hard day herself, but still.