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‘She started yelling and called me a monster.’ – Stepmom Keeps Ignoring His Dad’s Awful Behavior, So He Calls Her Delusional For Thinking She Was Special

by Matthew Gilligan

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Anytime you call someone “delusional”, you better believe that it’s fighting time…because that’s a pretty serious insult!

But the young man who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page must have had his reasons, right?

Read his story below and see if you think he went too far.

AITA for calling my stepmother delusional and telling her she wasn’t so special after all?

“The background could go on forever but the simplified version is.

My mom and dad had me (16m) and when I was 6 my mom was expecting another baby, my little brother.

There was about to be a bombshell.

She was 7 months into her pregnancy when she started to feel sick and went to the hospital.

Some tests were carried out and it turned out my dad had been cheating on her and he passed along some nasty stuff to her during her pregnancy.

I remember my mom losing her **** on dad when she got home and I remember how devastated and scared she was.

Tragedy struck.

My brother was stillborn not long after and my mom never left the hospital.

She bled really badly after the delivery. My mom kicked dad out the day she found out.

My dad’s family (his parents, three siblings and two SILs) were disgusted with him.

Her dad is now remarried.

When I was 10 my dad met and married his now wife Kate.

From the time I met Kate she had this attitude of “I don’t know why everyone is mad at your dad, he treats me well and shows me so much respect.”

She told me I should forgive my dad and not carry a grudge for my mom. She also told me she would get his family to stop treating him like a criminal.

She never let the thing go. Over and over she told me to let it go.

We clashed over that so often and my dad’s family told her to go **** herself with that attitude.

Kate can’t seem to stay out of it.

She was like “your dad has grown, he treats me like I deserve to be treated, he learned his lesson, he’s a good man with me, he has someone he loves now and wants to have a happy marriage with.”

This was an ongoing thing.

Three years ago I realized my dad was cheating on Kate.

He was saying he was working through Covid but I didn’t buy that and neither did my family.

He and Kate have three kids together (my half siblings, I know, but I don’t care about them or see them as my family).

Kate got the bad news.

Kate found out about the cheating two months ago. She fell apart.

Then last month she found out we all knew/suspected he was cheating.

For a while she was trying to confide in me and I would just walk away from her or do something else and wouldn’t listen.

Then on Thanksgiving we were all together with my family (dad’s family) and she broke down even harder because nobody comforted her or stood up for her.

That night she told me she thought I cared about and loved her and would be there and support her through this, because she’s family, she’s my stepmom, she’s the mom of my siblings.

And she she called her THAT WORD.

I called her delusional and told her if she ever felt like I cared it’s because it was what she wanted to think and not because I ever gave a **** about her.

I told her she now knew what my mom went through only less severely.

And that I guess she wasn’t as special as she thought she was since he cheated on her too.

She started yelling and called me a monster and told me I won’t ever see her kids again if I don’t be nicer.

I shrugged at her yelling because it won’t upset me at all.

She said I should have more loyalty to her and I had to hold myself back because I really wanted to call her delusional again.


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Well, that doesn’t sound good.

I have a feeling these two aren’t done with each other yet…

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