December 20, 2023 at 7:49 pm

USPS’ Operation Santa Charity Drive Comes With Incredibly Expensive Shipping Costs

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

This makes me want to lie down and have a week-long nap just hearing this one.

As if the holidays can be any more stressful.

Both on your mind, and on your wallet; then this story is a double-whammy.

The USPS Operation Santa is a fantastic idea:

Take the “Dear Santa” letters that kids write (that end up at the Post Office), and actually fulfill those wishes!

But it doesn’t happen without the help of people like TikTok user, Carlee.

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

This is the look of one very tired Mom who just got told her act of service was going to cost $72 in shipping!

This is on top of the money, time, and effort she already put into getting the box together.

Which included purchasing all the items, wrapping them all, and spending time at the Post Office itself.

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

She explains that on their website, in the FAQ, and the shipping guidelines, it did not explain that you had to ship Priority.

Further, Carlee elaborates that because it’s anonymous, you don’t know the recipient’s mailing address.

It’s all with USPS. Therefore you can’t use a different service to ship!

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

Industrious Carlee figured out a way cut that shipping cost almost in half by separating into two different boxes.

But at that point, having to make two trips to USPS, at the most busy time of the year, she asks “is it worth it?”

Watch the whole frustrating story here:



♬ original sound – Carlee

And her follow-up video where she finally sent the two packages:


#stitch with @Carlee update on my own Operation Santa shipping story! I got them shipped it cost $45 instead of $72 was that worth two trips to the post office idk 😭 #uspsoperationsanta #operationsanta #operationsanta2023

♬ original sound – Carlee

Let’s see what folks thought:

This commenter states what we’re all wondering.

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

Yeah this seems a bit un-balanced, doesn’t it?…

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

One commenter had a fantastic idea for an alternative.

Source: TikTok/@carleediy

No good deed goes frustratingly un-punished!

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