December 13, 2023 at 1:44 pm

Walmart Now Has Items Cheaper Than Dollar Tree And This Woman Spills The Tea. – ‘I found plain bread for $1.22.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

This woman all about the bargains and she’s saying Walmart gives more bang for your buck!

@jenny_luna videos herself FLYING round a Walmart store to show her TikTok followers just how low some of the food products are.

And honestly, y’all after inflation we all need a break, so tune in and get some tips!

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

She said: “It’s official Walmart has cheaper things than Dollar Tree. I found plain bread for $1.22, corn bread mix for $1.12. I also have blueberry, strawberry in the condiment aisle, a 14 ounce bottle ketchup for 98 cents.”

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

She added: “For 60 cents an eight ounce bottle of mustard [….] These cute mac and cheese for 58 cents. If you’re boring they have regular too.”

Turtle power!

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

The bargain hunter added: “I know some of you nasties like this ****. I just got hungry looking back at this video. Nothing wrong with a bag of mashed potatoes – 98 cents. Yes, it’s barely made the cut but it counts. A whole pound of beans for $1.24. If you’re feeling a little Mexican, we have enchilada sauce for a $1. Jalapeños and green chilies for 84 cents.”

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

If you haven’t found a bargain by the end of this clip, you cannot be helped.

Watch the clip below:


Walmart Food Cheaper Than 1.25!🍔🍟 Let me know if you want a Part 2! #dollartreevswalmart #cheapmeals #dollarfinds #walmartfinds #walmartfood #fypツ

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Here’s what people thought of the super saving shopping trip:

Hmmm more bargains. Sold!

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01


Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

Good theory, convenience matters!

Source: TikTok/@jenny_luna01

Now you know!

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