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Wheelchair-Bound Person Taught Amusement Park A Lesson After They Were Told To Get Out Of Their Chair And Walk

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jontyson

The story you’re about to read should be a lesson to ALL OF US.

Never judge a book by its cover and never make assumptions about another person!

The person who wrote this story on Reddit explained that they use a wheelchair full-time.

Not all wheelchair users can walk.

“So I’m at a theme park and I’m a full time wheelchair user who cannot walk or stand.

I won’t name the park as as soon as management found out, they were angry and more than rectified the situation, but the story is funny imo. It happened a few years ago.

So one of the rides is in a building and has an area outside the entrance for pushchairs and those strollers people bring to theme parks that pull all their stuff and older kids etc about to be left there as they aren’t allowed in the building.

An employee showed up and he seemed pretty clueless.

My friend and I head to the entrance and this young employee comes to me and says “you just leave your wheelchair there” I look at him and my friend is about to say something and I catch their eye and wink. I wheel over to the area and sit there with my brakes on. My friend cottons on and comes and stands next to me.

The worker comes over and says “you can go in now” seeing me not moving. I reply  “you told me to put my wheelchair here?” He (not seeing what is happening) replies “yes, so you need to leave it here and then go in and get it after.”

This employee wasn’t getting the picture…

I ask him how that’ll work and he sort of blinks at me confused then walks over to a guest who has asked for help.

Another worker, older who has like ‘team leader’/ ‘supervisor’ type phasing on his badge comes over. The guy who has told me to sit there is still talking to another guest and the older worker comes over and asks if I’m ok?

So they decided to let them in on what was really going on.

I explain that the guy had told me to sit here in my chair and so I did and then he told me to head into the ride but leaving my chair here and how I’m confused as I can’t walk or stand… This worker is mortified and tells me this is obviously not the park rules and how no one is asked to leave their wheelchair there if they don’t want to and how I’m allowed in with my chair.

The first worker comes over and the supervisor/ team leader asks him what he is on about and how he can’t tell wheelchair users to do this etc.

The younger guy said he was told to tell people they could leave their wheelchairs there and we work out he has gotten him wires crossed and that some people will ask if they can leave their wheelchairs there who are ambulatory and use them for when they get tired and that’s fine but not to tell everyone in a wheelchair to leave their chairs there.

The employee felt bad about what happened.

The guy realises his mistake and then realises what I’d said about how am I meant to go in means I can’t stand/ walk and what he has implied etc and is mortified. Apologising over and over. I explain how it’s ok and I’m glad he has realised what he said wasn’t ok but I can see how he gotten confused and turns out he’s very new.

And they got something sweet out of the misunderstanding!

I head onto the ride and as I exit the supervisor comes over and refunds us our park entry tickets and has food and shop vouchers for myself and my friend.

I explain how they didn’t need to do this and how I’m just glad the new guy found out his misunderstanding with me who found it funny and had a bit a of fun over someone else (could have been me on a different day) who took offence and got angry etc, which I guess is why I got the free stuff.”

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I bet they won’t make that mistake again.

You better believe it!