December 10, 2023 at 5:22 pm

Woman Ordered An Epic Fairy Cake. What She Got Instead Was A Hilarious Mess. – ‘It looks like play doh.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

There are fails and then there are EPIC FAILS.

And the story you’re to see belongs in the latter category.

Here’s what happened: a woman named Khrissy Joe wanted to get her granddaughter a fairy cake for her birthday and she ended up paying $200 for it.

And let’s just say she wasn’t too impressed with the final product…

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

This thing is a nightmare!

And Khrissy Joe also found a hair on the cake.


Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

Khrissy said that the baker told her the cake was harder to make than she expected…and then THAT happened…

Here’s what the cake was SUPPOSED to look like, FYI.

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

Check out her video.


#firstbirthday #fairycake #cake #cakedecorating #cakedesign #cakehorror #cakehorrorstory #foryoupage my granddaughter first birthday cake was a disaster. I was so upset so let down. this cake was supposed to be a representation of my granddaughter. she loves fairies and has loved them since she was 3 months old.

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And here’s how people responded.

This person can’t believe how bad this is.

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

Another individual made things even worse with their comment.

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

And this person said she could never have gotten the cake she wanted for the price she was willing to pay.

Source: TikTok/@khrissyjoe1

Well, that was depressing…

How sad!