December 28, 2023 at 10:43 am

‘Yesterday her sister came over…’ – Wife Doesn’t Let Their 16-Year-Old Son Hold The New Baby, So Husband Makes Sure That Nobody Does

by Trisha Leigh

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Becoming a parent for the first time changes people – actually, physically changes them. For women in particular, those first hours and days can result in an all-encompassing anxiety that typically eases as hormones even out.

So, we often give new moms some latitude…but not always.

OP and his wife recently had their first child, though he has a child from a former relationship.

When the half-brother wanted to hold the baby, the wife had a strong reaction.

My wife and I just brought home our beautiful baby.

When we got home, I wanted my older son to hold the baby (he is fourteen), but my wife said no.

She said she wasn’t comfortable with anyone but us holding the baby yet.

I wasn’t happy about this, but I respect that, as a mom, she’s anxious about how vulnerable our baby is.

So I let it go.

So, when his sister-in-law wanted to hold the baby, OP held to the rule.

Yesterday her sister came over and wanted to hold the baby.

I said no, that my wife and I aren’t comfortable with anyone but us holding him yet.

My wife then said it was fine, that her sister was a special case.

I said no, that I wasn’t comfortable with it. Her sister was offended and left.

Now they’re at a stalemate.

My wife is angry with me and says I was a jerk to her sister.

I think I am just being consistent.

Was I a jerk to my sister in law?

Should he have given a new mom more latitude, or was he right to play tit for tat?

Reddit’s weighing in!

The top comment says OP was right to stick up for her son.

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This person is worried she’ll cause a rift between siblings.

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Sadly, some people say this is typical behavior.

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They’re feeling really badly for the son.

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This person hopes OP is willing to have a tough conversation.

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My heart breaks for this kid.

Siblings should always be able to bond as soon as possible!

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