January 25, 2024 at 5:32 am

This Little Kid Absolutely Loves Her Sardine Snacks And Won’t Even Trade Them For Ice Cream

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

Most kids just want ice-cream and candy. That’s a given. But what do you do with a kid who wants healthy snacks?

Well, isn’t that kinda every parents dream. But then there is the fact that YOU could be judged for snacking on candy – ha!

This little girl though, how cute! And unusual.

She only wants sardines for snacks and won’t give her favorite food up for chips or even ice cream!

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

@cookingwithkids321 shared the cutest video of his little girl eating her plate of sardines and crackers. Who knew that was even a thing.

But anyhow, she won’t give them up for any sugary treat. Nope. And I just kinda wish I had the same dietary wishes, but hey ho.

The dad asks his daughter: “Teagan, what did you ask for for a snack?”

She responds while gobbling on that snack: “Sardines and crackers.”

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

He asks: “What do you like more, sardines or potato chips?”

Can you guess her answer?

Sardines of course!

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

But then the real test.
The dad asks: “What about like ice cream?”

And NO, this child ain’t swapping her sardines for anything! Aww.

But then a little later, she confesses sardine and syrup, now that’s a whole other ball game!

Ugh. But yum to this kid.

Does your little one like unusual snacks and judge you for your love of candy?

Watch the whole cute clip here:


We tried sardines at costco and ever since she can’t get enough. Watch til the end 😂😂 #cookingwithkids #kidspick #kidseathealthy #weirdfoodcombos #sardines #sardinesandsyrup

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Here’s what people thought of little Teagan’s sardine love:

Yeow, send me some!

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

Teagan ain’t alone!

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

Ah, this makes sense!

Source: TikTok/@cookingwithkids321

Hey kid, you keep doing you!

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